Skip end of last track on multi-CD albums

I have a number of albums which are DJ mixes that are spread over multiple CDs. Some of these play continously from one disc to another, that is, there is no gap in music when you are streaming. In other words, there is no gapless for multi-CD albums.

It is unusual I think because most DJ mixes I have start and stop with each disc. Examples are “John Digweed - Live in Tokyo” or “John Digweed - Live in Montreal”. They are live recordings hence why it needs to be gapless.

My setup:

  • Roon Core on Mac Mini
  • Sonore UPnP Bridge -> Naim NAC-N 272
  • All connected via wired ethernet (no wifi)


Hello @wilro15,

Would it be possible for you to send a few examples of CDs that exhibit this issue so that I can ask the QA team to check expected behavior? I will PM you shortly on how to send media for analysis.


Sure can do. Let me know how to send to you

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Hi @noris

I haven’t yet uploaded the tracks to you. This morning I tried to re-create the problem by playing from the last track on CD1 to see if it transitioned to CD2 properly. It did.

So this may not be about the transitions between CDs on multi-CD albums, but perhaps after playing continuously for so long that a glitch occurs somewhere causing it to skip to the next track. I don’t know.

I will keep trying to see if I can nail down an issue that you can reproduce.

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