Skipped Files Log and Homepage Issue

Core Machine (Windows 10/Dell Inspiron i5/Roon 1.7 build 537)

Network Details (fibrenet wifi via Digisol router)

Audio Devices (Edifier Bookshelves speakers connected to Ifi zen DAC via USB)

Description Of Issue

Can you clear the log of my skipped files. How can I clear that log? I need to completely clear the skipped files log as it is creating confusion. Some of the files are old and have been deleted.

Hence I request you to to help me clear this log asap!

Also, whenever I open Roon desktop the homepage goes to one of the bookmarks tabs that I created rather than overview page.

If I click on back arrow untill the last, somehow the first page would be one of my bookmarks tabs.

How to revert this and get overview page as homepage.

I have received zero support so far for my previously created ticket. Kindly provide support as it takes time to write and then no being answered is a mark of disrespect. Request you to help me this time.


Hello @Varun_Khanna, my apologies if your previous support request was missed. If you have removed the offending files from your library, the skipped files list should be cleared automatically. Could you please reboot your core and check again? Thanks!

Yea, I did that and the skipped files are gone.
What about the homepage issue?

Hello @Varun_Khanna, can you send me a screenshot of the screen you’re seeing when you open Roon? Also, Roon should be able to remember what page you were last on when you closed it. I would try clicking into a different page, closing Roon, and seeing if it still opens to your bookmarked page. Thanks!

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