Skipped files, what may be the reason?


I just chose to make the next step to more audiophile way of music listening and bought a Yamaha A-S801 and some DALI Oberon 3’s. In order to make my listening experience more unique and enjoy also the information (and also to find another solution to the previously used Sonos controller), I decided roon will offer me what I search for. I’m very pleased with the haptics of the user interface and the service Roon offers, I very much appreciate and use your product! Thank you!

Now to the point I need help:
My setup with the way the music flows
–> Music is on my Synology NAS 218+ in the network
–> Core is an Intel NUC with ROCK also connected to the network
–> Controller is my personal Windows 10 machine with Roon
–> The Yamahas A-S801 integrated DAC is connected over USB with my PC
–> Output device is the Yamaha Steinberg ASIO Driver

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
As core I currently use a NUC6i3SYB, which is setup according to Roon guide with ROCK Version 1.0 (build 175) stable and Roon 1.6 (416).

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
I have a small home network with following devices:

  • UniFi Security Gateway 3P
  • UniFi Switch 8 POE-60W
  • UniFi AP-AC-Pro

All the devices use wired network.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
The only device I use to play music is the Yamahas A-S801 integrated DAC. It is connected over USB with my PC. On my PC, I installed the Yamaha Steinberg USB DAC driver. Now Roon can play my music over the Roon Software and the Yamaha Steinberg ASIO interface, whick works nicely!

Description Of Issue

After I connected the network share of my NAS with apprixmately 12’000 files, the Roon core read the files and skipped some of them, before even analyzing them.

  • I tried playing the files on my PC to make sure they arent corrupted. The are playable.
  • I checked the IDE3 tags with Mp3tag and saved the tags again and rescan the album where the files should be. The were skipped again.
  • I moved them away from the watched folder. I maintained the database from files which aren’t connected to a file path anymore. I moved them onto the watched folder again and forced a rescan of the watched folder, skipped again.
  • I tried restarting the roon core, skipped files stay the same

With the first 3 Files from the list i checked if the files disappear from the list after moving them away, they disappeared. After moving them back into the same folder, they reappeared in the skipped files window after rescanning the watched folder.

Something spezial: I have a synology sync i use to sync the music folders from my PC to the NAS with the Sync Client of Synology.

I was able to solve one skipped file due to file corruption.
I maybe think, something in the still skipped files doesn’t comply with roon…
Maybe you can help me to check, why at least the 3 by myself checked files are still skipped? Before i continue resolving the other 10 files, maybe the log will also tell you the reason for the other ones? So I won’t be searching for a fault in the wrong direction :slight_smile:

Many thanks for you help! Let me know how i can assist.

When a file is skipped, if you go to Library, there is a Skipped Files View button. It should give you the general reason Roon skipped those files. And while it may play in other players, that is not any guarantee that the file structure is not compromised. I had several FLAC files that while “corrupt” in Roon would play in other players; trans-coding them from FLAC to FLAC solved the issue as the header information got recreated during the process.

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Hi Rugby,

Yeah you’re right. I found the skipped files through this button. The reason given for all the skipped files is “File is corrupted”.

Thanks for your idea. I’ll try re-converting the files and see if this would be a solution. I’ll past the result back again.

Many thanks!

Hi Rugby

So I tried re-converting the three files:

  • 50 Cent - Album: The Neew Breed - Track 19: That’s What’s Up
  • Bonobo - Album: One Off Remixes And B-Sides - Track 02: Beachy Head [Bonobo Mix]
  • Bonobo - Album: One Off Remixes And B-Sides - Track 09: Tell Me How You Feel [Bonobo Mix]

I use XMedia Recode and outputtet the files to the same format and quality. Same result: Gets skipped and shown as “File is corrupt”.

Any ideas? Other tools i may use?

p.s. It’s 10:00 pm in switzerland, time to sleep, tomorrow is another day! I’ll proceed tomorrow evening.
Many thanks and have a good night,

I use dbPoweramp.

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Hi @Michel,

As Daniel suggested, many Roon users have had a good experience using dbPoweramp for tasks like this. If you use dbPoweramp is there any change? Let us know!

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Hi @Rugby and @dylan

Many thanks for your suggestions. This piece of software seems pretty nice and integrates well into windows!

In good hope i tried to convert all the 17 files, which from 1 has been finally recognized successfully.

16 files still remaining as “corrupt file”.

I checked the files with Mp3tag and found out, that some of them seem to be missing the codec, frequency, bitrate and leght info, so somehow these files seem to be corrupted for real. But this is only the case for about 8 out of the 16 skipped files… so I may confirm that some files are corrupt and not “repairable” and not “unskippable”? But what about the other 8 files :face_with_monocle:

Any other suggestions on what to check? :confused:

Many thanks,

Hi @Michel,

Would you mind sharing one of these files with us? Ideally you can send it to us via a shared Dropbox link in a Private Message here on the site. If you don’t have Dropbox or a similar file sharing service just let us know.

Hi @dylan,

yeah sure. I’ll share the files through the cloud of of our marksmen’s society I’m part of and I’m running the website for :slightly_smiling_face:

I sent you the link and password.

Appreciate your help!

Hi @Michel,

All 16 tracks that you sent us imported okay for me. Moving forward, please do the following:

  • Remove these 16 tracks from the Roon watched folder and place them somewhere not seen by Roon
  • Navigate to Settings > Library > Clean Up Library and share a screenshot of what you see here with us


Hi @dylan

Anyway, my suspicion is, that the problem may have to do with the Roon ROCK. Before ROCK, I used Roon as Controller and Core on Windows, the list of skipped files didn’t seem to have those files listed, maybe just 1 file which i managed to resolve. But in addition I have to say, that I used my local music folder on the PC as source folder (Synced as mentioned with my NAS). Maybe something fishy going on there?

Let me know what you may find or what you need me to do! Thank you!

Hi @Michel,

Since these aren’t showing up in Skipped Files can you confirm they’re now showing up properly in Roon/?

Hi @dylan

i confirm, that they aren’t listed in Roon at all.
I checked through Interpret > Album, the files aren’t there.

Hi @Michel,

I changed up my testing to more closely match your setup and I’m now seeing the same behavior. I’m going to run this by the team and will follow up with you once I’ve received their feedback. Thanks!

Hi @dylan

Cool, always like it if the situation can be reproduced! Let me know if I may help or if you found a solution.

So far, have a good weekend!

Hi @dylan,

any progress or updates?

Many thanks,

Hi @Michel,

I checked our internal tracker and confirmed that this is still with the development team. I can’t promise any specific timelines here, but our team is currently scheduled to do some further investigation a bit later this year. I’ll be sure to keep you up to date as soon as we have more information.

Hi @dylan

The use case doesn’t apply anymore for me.
I wanted to let you know that I switched from the ROCK to my local PC to avoid this problem with further songs.
If you resolved the problem, maybe it would still be nice to let the community know :slight_smile: .
After a solution has been found I’d like to setup a ROCK as local server again!

Many thanks

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