Skipped track added to end of queue

I’ve finally figured out what has been driving me crazy.

I place, say, 5 songs in the queue. I start playing song 1, but I realize I don’t want to hear it all so I tap ‘next track’.

Roon then adds that skipped track to the end of the queue.

No, no, no! Can I make it stop doing that?

I’ve been wondering how my queue seems cluttered with tracks, all the sudden.

Oh, wait, now I realize when a song plays in it’s entirety, it gets added to the end of the queue to be played again.

What the heck???

Android Samsung S6 tablet.

Are you sure? I have never noticed this happening. I am trying it now.

I think I figured it out. Replay (or whatever you call it) is on. Checking now.

Stupid me…

That was it. Fixed. I’ve had repeat on forever! Never learned if blue or white is on or disabled.

Glad you identified the issue.