Skipped tracks in queue

Sometimes when displaying the now playing queue there’s a gray box that says ‘show nnn skipped’ or something like that. Clicking the box skow the list of nnn tracks. What does this mean?

Probably get this when you’re using Roon Radio or just queueing tracks from Tidal or Qobuz?

I think it’s a temporary blip in the streaming partner. I get it with Tidal quite a bit, at certain times of day.

Very annoying and impacts the concept of Roon Radio.

Thanks, but no, I have Tidal and Qobuz disabled. These are all files in my library.

Using WiFi?


No, wired. No playback problems that I’ve noticed.

Aha, I think I figured out when it’s happening.

I bring up a large playlist and shuffle play it. After a while I bring up another large playlist and shuffle play it without stopping playback on the first one or clearing the queue. It looks like the remaining tracks from the first playlist show in the queue as skipped.

If that’s all it is and roon didn’t actually skip 891 files then no harm, no foul.


Yes, if you have a playlist queued and hit the skip button past say 10 songs, they are marked in the queue as skipped.

These days you never accidently lose the queue.

If you have items waiting to be played, and you hit play now or equivalent on something - track, album, playlist - then it skips the previous upcoming tracks and starts with the new selection.

Furthermore, if you don’t expand that skipped box, you can drag the whole skipped list to anywhere in the upcoming queue.

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Yeah, I actually liked the destructive queue better.