Skipping and Failing to finish playing songs

Is anyone having any problems with songs freezing and not finish playing songs from Tidal through a Rossini?

I have not noticed any issues like this.

Can you give us a few examples of albums that do this?

The one thing that could cause something like this: Roon has generally complete information on albums whereas TIDAL might not actually have the particular track available. So it would “look” like you can play that file but it is not actually available and it will skip until it reaches the first track that is available (either on. TIDAL or local).

Initially I can play tracks from my favorite tracks list with no problems. Then all of a sudden a song will just stop playing. Sometimes I can forward to the next track and it will play about 15 to 25 seconds then it stops. Then, if I wait for a little while and try again I can play between 2 and 10 tracks and then it stops again.

This started happening After the last firmware update and Roon update. Prior to this I had very few playback issues. All I would need to do is reboot my system and everything would be fine. Now, that is not working.

My system is very simple - Mac Mini, Rossini, D’Agostino amp, speakers - The only thing that has changed besides the firmware recently is my internet modem.

No I have not experienced this. Is Rossini connected over the network?

Is this only happening with Tidal content? Do local tracks in your library play with no issues?

What’s the error message that you get in your Roon remote when playback stops?

The data stream between the core and endpoint is the same regardless of where the content is sourced from. In other words, a Tidal 16/44 track is going to generate the same communication between the core and your Rossini as a local 16/44 track.

If it’s only happening with Tidal then the issue is going to be somewhere between the core and Tidal’s servers.

If it’s only happening with Tidal content then this change would be the prime suspect.

Thanks Andrew - I only use Tidal so I am not sure. There were no error messages on my remote (neither iPad or iPhone remotes) when it happens. In the past I have had some very rare issues with playback but they were easily solved by rebooting the system. Lately this does not seem to work.

I think there is a possibility that it could be a modem update issue.

I will look into possible communication issues with ROON and Tidal. Would it matter if the track is an MQA track at different bit rates etc…?

Shouldn’t matter. Higher bitrates will obviously result in more data being transmitted, but in the case of Tidal there’s not going to be too much variation there. All of the MQA processing is done in the Rossini so the expansion from 24/48 to whatever is all happening inside the box.

Have you done a full power cycle of the Rossini? (Long press of the front panel power button or flipping the rear panel switch).

The fact that you’re not getting an error is odd. Typically Roon will report a failure in talking to Tidal or to an endpoint although I have seen situations where that doesn’t happen.

I think it’s worth having @support enable diagnostics on your account so that they can pull your logs. They should be able to tell why playback is stopping.

Hello @Robert_Allen,

Please describe your network configuration/topology being sure to provide insight into any networking hardware you are currently implementing. I want to have a clear understanding as to how your devices are communicating. Also, is Roon providing you an error message when this behavior happens? Or does playback just stop without an error message?


Hi John,

Core: iMac (Late 2014) OS: High Sierra 10.13.3
Modem: Arris SB6190 (This is new)
System is fully wired.
DCS Rossini fully updated firmware
ROON fully updated - No error messages - Playback stops/freezes without notification. randomly comes back up plays a random number of tracks and then stops again.

My system worked nearly flawlessly until the Rossini, ROON updates and then I had to replace my modem. So a lot happened in the last 6 weeks or so. I had contacted my local dealer to ask how their systems were doing this week (They use Tidal a lot) and they told me theirs has been acting funny this week as well.

Last weekend TIDAL was a bit funny on my side as well. It looked mostly to be an issue with communication to the TIDAL servers or something on the TIDAL side (I presumed the latter).

I had no issues with internet connectivity per-se - I have 300mbps service and also an Arris cable modem (I think it might be a TM822R, not sure).

I did not experience any ongoing TIDAL issues other than issues with adding albums to my library and a few similar things. The issues were mild enough that I chucked it to TIDAL connectivity/server slowness.

I’ve been using Tidal tracks via Roon and my Rossini a lot this past week with absolutely no issues.