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I understand that Roon wants a whole list of all my equipment in order to receive support. However, in my opinion the issue is with Roon software. I’m a long-time user and have been extremely satisfied with Roon. It is without a doubt the best streaming software available.

About a week ago Roon started skipping within songs. Nothing repeatable, just random skipping. I use a Xfinity router with 500mbs download speed. I use an ethernet connection to my Cambridge CXNV2. Disconnected the ethernet cable and used WiFi. Same problem. Nothing like this has ever happened before.

Here’s what I don’t understand. Audirvana and Amazon run perfectly fine. By a process of elimination, there’s a problem with Roon. Not my system.

Do I have to go through gathering all that info to send to Roon, when it seems obvious that something changed within Roon that has caused this problem? I’m not a network engineer. I don’t know how or where to obtain my network setup. Can Roon run a remote scan of my system?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried rebooting everything? If not, reboot all your networking gear (routers and switches), the device running your core, and all endpoints.

Just checking if this is local music or Tidal, as there is a Tidal thread with some diagnostic from Roon and a solution.

If local then it’s most likely a network issue of some kind.
Roon will want your log files and they will be able to tell you why the issue is happening and will probably recommend changing the dns to or as well

They will also want you to complete the information request

Will try it. Thanks.

The skipping occurs with all sources. Going to reboot everything.


Good luck and hopefully it sorts it out for you.
Been there myself and a complete system reboot often fixed things

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