Skipping from track to track

I just had this happen to me for the first time ever. Happily playing it suddenly skipped from track to track in a album playing only a few seconds of each.

QNAP TVS 471. Hard wired via normal basic switches to. BluOS grouped endpoints.
Also I have jus ripped and uploaded a bunch of FLAC CD rips successfully.

I’ll re boot the core and monitor it all.

This had never occurred before on my set up.

@Chrislayeruk What album? One you’ve played before or something new? Local or TIDAL? There are a number of reasons why tracks can skip.

It happened on two newly ripped CD’s FLAC
They play fine now after the re boot. All ripped accurately in DB Poweramp.
Chris Rea La Passione and Cat Stevens Mathew and Son.
Car boot sale bargains…

Ok, so a transport problem of sorts, not a streaming rights issue.

Yes, I would think so. It could be because I had just put 6 discs in Roon.

Hi @Chrislayeruk,

It’s possible that this contributed to things here if your Core was performing analysis on these new tracks. Has this happened again since you experienced this here and then rebooted? If it does occur again, some information that would be helpful:

  • Additional networking details.
  • A screenshot of the Signal Path so we can see the processing speed.
  • Does this occur if you select a different zone?


Thanks, no it has not happened again since re boot. I expect the core was busy analysing at the time.

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If you disable DSD upscaling tracks stops from skipping.

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