Skipping or clipping

Hi Dylan,
Unfortunately the skipping continues. It had been really good for a while and then tonight it came back. Skipping a song after 35%(Falling song) and also skipping within tracks (Sunrise song). This was on Norah Jones Til We Meet Again Live MQA album at ~10:26pm and ~10:34pm CST on 4/20. Let me know if this is enough new info for you to review logs. Also, I’m still using the DNS so that appears not to be a solution.

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Dylan, I replayed the entire album using the lumin app without any issues. I then replayed it using Roon with an Ethernet cable and the third track (Those sweet words) started skipping within the song. This occurred ~ 12:07am cst 4/21.

Dylan, more updates: I’ve been streaming 6+ hours today and no skipping. I did contact Apple Support and we disconnected and then reestablished the ethernet connections in case I was having issues related to that connection. Please let me know when you can look at the logs and if you can determine/recommend anything else.

Please make sure Re-sampling in Lumin app is disabled.

Also disable Spotify Connect and Lumin Streaming (AirPlay) if you don’t need these.

I am having the exact same issue as everyone else except with Qobuz. I have a very simple configuration: Windows PC connected via ethernet and PC connected to a receiver via HDMI. My internet is around 450Mbps download. Didn’t have this problem before, and the only things that have changed are that I switched from Tidal to Qobuz and that I updated Roon. Is there a way to roll back to a previous release of Roon? This version seems to be faulty.

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Dylan, are you able to continue helping me on this topic? Peter from Lumin has stated that Lumin does buffer the music which could be why the issue doesn’t present when using their app with Tidal. The issue may be sporadic because some of us are randomly connected to Tidal servers with some latency and the Roon software is unable to compensate. It would also be valuable if Roon was able to isolate users with issues geographically and try to ID if and where Tidal is having slow server issues. Is there any way to add buffering to the way Roon plays back?

Are you still working for Roon? Are you willing to help me or can someone else help me?

You can check the logs again for tonight 4/24 between 7 and 11 pm CST it has skipped forward to the next song 3 times in that time. Tonight I was using an Ethernet cable.

Sophisticated Ladies - Charlie Haden Quartet played 30% 44/16
Taking a Chance on Love - Jane Monheit played 45% 44/16
Parts Parallels - Patricia Barber played 20% MQA 48/24

Very confused about what to try next and wondering why no one from Roon is responding.

Hey @gerard_bodell,

I’m sorry about the confusion and the persistence of this issue. We’d love to continue to help - thank you for keeping us updated and for sharing all the details that you have.

Unfortunately, Dylan was never notified of your post. To tag someone and have them get a notification, you’d use @ and their name, like so: @dylan.

In this case, I’ve moved this thread into Dylan’s queue so he can continue to help.

Please, bear with us a little longer :pray:

Thank you @beka and @dylan I had always just hit the reply but I will add the @… now too. I appreciate any and all help.


@dylan @beka I have tried many attempts to solve my issue without lasting success. Will Roon Support please respond and help?

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I had zero issues with Roon 1.7 so it does seem correlated. I spent $500 upgrading router/wi fi in my home, but the problem returned. I do use an ethernet cable and still have the issue. I hate to walk away from prepaid Tidal for remainder of this year, especially if it could still be an issue with Qobuz. Engagement and problem solving from Support would be appreciated. @beka @dylan @Peter_Kuehnel @David_Ford

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@dylan @beka #support
I provided specific examples of my issue at Dylan’s request 25 days ago so he could analyze. Is someone going to help me? Still waiting.
@Peter_Kuehnel @David_Ford

Try updating Roon to build 795

Hi @gerard_bodell

Apologies for the delay — We’ve been testing some changes that has improved the type of issues you’re seeing and the testing was very positive! Can you give Build 795 a try and let us know if it helps? Thanks!

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Hi @dylan

I just saw discussions about build 795 and will try that now. Do you know if there are updates for the iPhone and iPad? I don’t see those updates available yet and wondering how using one of those as a remote with the previous build might impact things too.

@dylan - correction - I now see the iPhone app update to 795 and I will do that too! thanks

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+1 I’ve seen semi-regular (a few times a listening session) songs start, play for ~1min or so and then Roon jumps to the next song. Also seeing issues with songs having a “hiccup” (brief pause) mid song as well. The latter happens with both Tidal and local music.

Will upgrade to 795 and report.

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Definitely still hearing the hiccups with 795. :frowning: