Skipping past audio files (Windows 10 + ROCK)

My CORE machine is a ROCK device.

I reformatted my Windows 10 PC, and now, when I go to play songs, all audio files just get skipped. I can see my entire library.

I have allowed connections through my firewall for raatserver & roon. I can successfully play audio to my chromecast devices. Just cannot play through my Windows PC.

Hoping for some troubleshooting tips. I had this same issue on my last Windows install but I cannot recall what I did to correct the behaviour.

This is occurring even with my Firewall completely disabled.


Until support engages, you might provide details about your Windows 10 PC, any other software running on it, how are you trying to play music, System Output, USB connected DAC, etc.

Sometimes, I’ve seen that behavior cause by Realtek audio drivers. Are you using those? I would suggest verifying that you have the latest version installed.

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Yep, that was that issue. I installed updated drivers and we were good to go.

Solved - thanks!

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