Skipping problem

Have discussed this before, but I can’t find the thread…

Variants of the skipping problem:
Roon Core on a NUC, networked to a MicroRendu connected to Geek Pulse. Earlier the output wasn’t visible due to the boot sequence problem, but now I have fixed that; playing (random in a large collection of albums) the system skips from album to album without playing.
Core networked to 818, the system played ok for a little while but then crashed completely.
In both cases, direct USB from the core worked.
Network dud not work with two different end points.

Hi Anders,

That’s Linux Roon Server on the NUC ?

If it’s not working on the networked 818 or microRendu but direct USB is working, then suspicion turns to the network. I expect you’ve done this before, but would you mind providing network details again ?

I expect @support will check in soon and may ask for some logs.

No, Windows 10.
Yes, probably network. I didn’t have time to do any troubleshooting.
But as I have said before, neither network issues nor some sort of connectivity issue between the MicroRendu and the Geek Pulse should cause the skipping behavior. Whatever is the root cause, some code in Roon does skipping and it shouldn’t.

My network is actually wired for these components: the Roon Core NUC, the 818 and the MicroRendu are all wired into a Gigabit Netgear switch. An Eero endpoint is also plugged into that switch, in order to support other endpoints over wifi, but it should not be involved in either of these failures. And in any case, the wifi connections over Eero work fine: two MS600s and on SonicOrbiter SE.

Let us know how network troubleshooting goes. If you are restarting components, maybe try other devices before restarting the Core – it will be interesting to know if power cycling something else resolves this issue.

When you’re stable (or if you’re not able to get this stable), just flag @Eric and we’ll gather some logs to look into this.