Skipping to next track after 5-6 seconds

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Apple MacBook running Catalina 10.15.6. Roon v1.7, Build 610 using Tidal.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

WiFi from MacBook to Lyngdorf TDAi-3400 using Roon Ready input. Ethernet connection to 3400.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Lyngdorf TDAi-3400

Description Of Issue

I’m currently on day 5 of my 14 day free trail period and wanting to continue with a paid subscription, but for the last 3 days, I’ve been getting numerous tracks and albums skipping to the next track after about 5-6 seconds. I would like to know if this is a regular issue as it makes Roon unusable.

Note that the issue never arise if using Tidal on its own via Airplay. Also the skipping problem has been occurring with Qobuz too, so it seems to be a Roon issue.

Please respond ASAP so I can continue with my trial period without delay.

Many thanks.


I’m having the same problem.

When I used this software in 2016 there was a similar issue, I thought by now it would have been sorted.


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Agreed that it’s very disappointing. I had heard that Roon was the way to go for my requirements, but so far I’m unimpressed if this is what happens.

Thanks for replying though as it means I’m not alone and hopefully not doing anything wrong.

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The only time I’ve had the problems with skipping it was something in the home Network causing the issue. Even when everything else Network related seemed to be working. In my case power cycling the router fixed the problem.

Sorry if I missed it but I don’t see your Network components specified. What is the source of your internet connection? What router do you use? That is information the support team would need to help you resolve the problem.

Welcome to the forum and the Roon community.


Thanks for responding and the welcome. :grinning:

I’ve power cycled my router several times now to no avail. Problem still exists and nothing else seems to be having a problem.

Source of my internet connection is cable via Virgin Media and I have a 500MB connection. The router is what they call their SuperHub 3. No idea what make it is as it’s Virgin Media branded.

Just an update from earlier; I have been listening for 3 hrs+ this afternoon and no further problems (famous last words).

As i said earlier this was a problem for quite a few users back in 2016, it should by now have been sorted, time will tell.

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Many thanks Tim. I’ll give mine a try again tomorrow, but if Roon is going to be inconsistent, I won’t have any use for it.

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The skipping problem is almost always a symptom of networking issues. A quick Google search reveals that your Virgin router may well be the problem. The solution would be to use the hub in modem mode and get a decent router. A wired connection from core to endpoint is generally recommended.

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You may well be right, but if I’m not suffering any issues with any thing else I’m running, I don’t see any sense in buying more stuff in the hope that it accommodates Roon.

Because of how Roon works, it requires some fairly robust hardware to function reliably - more so than many other music/video playing software. In that regard, it is certainly not for everyone.


I’m thinking you may well be correct, so many thanks for your input. Sounding like Roon isn’t for me. Glad I’m finding out while on the free trial.

Thanks. I won’t be doing that. It’s simply not worth it until I discover how much streaming I will actually be doing. This is my first foray into that world and so far, I can’t say I’m impressed.

Agreed. Definitely value in these free trials.

If you read the online reviews, as @Rockhound mentioned, and as I have you will see reports that the SuperHub 3 is good enough for basic searches but thats about it. Here is an excerpt from the review.

“If you’re stuck with the Hub 3 it’s not the end of the world. It does the job, in a very basic sort of way, although you may not be getting the full benefit of your superfast Virgin fibre connection. We’d strongly recommend that Virgin customers save up for a replacement router though: you’ll get more features, almost certainly better performance and a more pleasant overall experience.”

We’re only trying to help you diagnose the issue. And based on the reviews that is the most likely place to start. Roon does need a robust network.


Thanks Mike. I’ll look into it, but as nothing else is being negatively impacted, I’ll probably just use Airplay for now and stay with CD quality. At least stay that way until I discover how much I really stream.

Really appreciate the help and advice from everyone. :+1: :grinning:

There’s a SH4 that’s compatible with Virgin’s 1GB service, but as I understand it, it’s only available for the moment to 1GB customers. I might see if I can get one if I report the issues I’m having to Virgin. Maybe worth a try.

I got rid of the SH2 some time ago due to range issues, so wouldn’t go back to it. I might even still have it somewhere.

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I’m definitely one of those. I just want the convenience of listening to quality music reproduction on my hifi system.

I can tell you my experience with Roon but it probably won’t mean a lot if it doesn’t perform in your environment.

I have a NUC/Rock dedicated server now but I started out with it running on my desktop. I have 3 basic endpoints, bedroom, living room entertainment system and a Roon Ready speaker system in the kitchen. My server runs 24/7 and is always available. I can play something different at each zone location at the same time or group them together and have the same music playing throughout the house. I can also use my Note 9 phone as a remote/endpoint with a big outdoor speaker and have music anywhere on my property (shop, garden, greenhouse, patio) that my Network can reach. And that is the key, anywhere my network can reach.

Lucky for me that I had a very robust Network before I heard about Roon and did not need to do any upgrades. It just works all the time.

Best wishes.


Hi @Stephen_Crawford,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for reaching out to us regarding this issue!

Can you please confirm - does the behavior only occur on the Lyngdorf zone or does it also occur if you try to output to your Macbook Pro’s “System Output” zone (the internal speakers)?

Knowing if this zone is affected is an important distinction, as we would know weather to troubleshoot the network or the device connection more in-depth.

I’ve also followed up via private message regarding your trial!

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Hi Noris,

Many thanks for your message and offering to help me.

The behaviour I noticed was only happening on the Lyngdorf zone as that was what I was testing at the time. I didn’t think to try it on the MacBook’s system output zone, but can try that.

For further info, based on some feedback from other users, I have invested in a NetGear Orbi Router in order to vastly improve my WiFi connection performance around the house. That is due to arrive today and should be installed by tomorrow Saturday.

Finally, please be aware that I ended my Roon Trial as I was concerned it was going to expire before I could get support on the issue. I’ll respond to your other kind message requesting an extension to my trial as I would really like to get Roon working in my system and I know Roon is working very well for other Lyngdorf users.


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