Skipping tracks and then crashing on playlists

Roon Core Machine

i7 8gram roc

Networking Gear & Setup Details

On Ethernet for roon roc and main zone, Ethernet adapter for
Google chromecast 2nd zone

Connected Audio Devices

Chromecast video with HDMI to onkyo 8270

Number of Tracks in Library

24000 tracks

Description of Issue

When I play a playlist on the Google chromecast with Ethernet adaptor the first 2 or 3 songs will play fine but then every other will quickly skip through until the roon logo shows up.
I have made a video of the issue. If I can upload it.

Hi Dan,

Fellow user here. Just asking some questions:

Have you tried rebooting the Chromecast with its ethernet adaptor?

Other questions for clarity.

Does it skip if you just play an album and not a playlist?
Is there a change in resolution between tracks ( the one that played and the one that started skipping) that might be causing an issue?

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Thanks for the reply,
It plays an album no problems straight through.
It plays a small playlist on shuffle of around 20 tracks fine.
I tried it again with my larger playlist of around 90 tracks and this time it played the first 7 or 8 songs fine then skipped 3 and is playing well now so I think it is getting better.
I must also add that it is a install of roon so maybe the tracks are still analysing?

If it is a new install then track analysis can cause issues. Try turning off analysis as a test and see if it works better. I just run with on demand analysis when I’m using the system, and then turn on analysis to work overnight when no one is listening.

Ok yes I will try that thanks.
Sounds like that is the issue as I’ve been playing this playlist for over an hour now and while it may skip 2 or 3 tracks it’s not skipping 10 or more and then crashing.

There is no issue with skipping tracks on a playlist when I am playing on my main zone which is via a Raspberry Pi 4 so it must a chromecast issue

Hey @Dan_Bretherton,

Ben here with the support team, welcome to the community! We’re excited to have you here, and apologize that it’s an issue that prompted your first post.

I wanted to check in on your issue, and see if you’re still experiencing tracks skipping when playing through chromecast on a longer playlist?

If you’d like to dig in deeper, please grab a timestamp (date,time) of when this issue occurs and share it our way. We can enable diagnostics on your account and take a look into what might be going on specifically at the time of the issue.

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :+1:

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