Skipping tracks before the end

I’ve been having an issue for about two weeks now where Roon will skip to the next track after playing a few seconds of audio. It seems to be happening with both local FLAC and streamed via Tidal but is definitely worse when using Tidal.

I am running roon on a 2015 Mac Mini with 4GB RAM and it is only running roon core and nothing else (headless)

All my local music is FLAC on directly connected USB HDD.

Network is:

200Mbps down Cable > cat6 > Cisco ASA5506x > cat6 > Cisco SG300 L3 switch > cat6 > Mac Mini > USB to spdif > Audio Note DAC.

I just had the same problem, the tidal album I was playing finished and the radio kicked in, first song no problem, at the second song, a local aiff, the song played up to 20% and then skipped to the next one. My music is on the internal HDD and at the time this happened I was listening directly on the computer so no streaming to any external device, just the Built-in output on the computer.


I’m now having issues that the search doesn’t seem to query Tidal and if I go into the Tidal section of Roon it takes ages to load.

Also if I click on album in Tidal it also takes ages to load it.

Hi @Lebowski ---- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. We appreciate you taking the time to outline your setup and network topology for us :sunglasses: This information is always very useful when we are evaluating issues.

Moving forward, may I kindly ask you for the following:

  1. (In regard to TIDAL) Can you confirm if the same observations are made while using the TIDAL application by itself?

  2. Has rebooting your core machine help remedy any of these issues?

  3. Have you always experienced this skipping issue while using Roon? If not can you think of any recent changes to your setup or your network configuration?

  4. Are you using any antivirus software or have any active firewalls currently?

  5. Can you please plug a pair of headphones into your core machine and confirm if the skipping still occurs playing directly out of the MAC’s internal sound card.


P.S. Great username!

  1. Have tried playing tracks via the tidal app on the Mac and haven’t had any issues.

  2. The Mac shuts down and starts up via the energy save every day although I have switched it off because of the change to drive mapping in the OSX. Rebooted the Mac this evening but it is skipping songs right now (15/11 @ 22:19 UK)

  3. Has only started happening in the last few weeks, Roon has been completely stable for around 15 months

  4. No AV or firewall on the Mac but do have a Cisco ASA5506 on the perimeter but have a rule setup for roon on the Mac Mni and this has been in place for about 6 months without any issues.

  5. Still occurs using headphones.

I am in the UK and I am experiencing issues with Tidal, when accessed via Roon. Songs skip or freeze, I cannot load the tidal interface at all via Roon today, even though a tidal song is playing. I use Zen internet, and achieve 70mb+ speeds, they never shape traffic or squeeze bandwidth at all, so it is definitely not an ISP issue.

Also in searches no tidal albums will show, are there any issues that are known for Roon and Tidal ??

I have been using Tidal through Roon for a while with no issues. There have been no hardware changes.

I have tried restarting the core and the pc, it doesn’t help. When you look at the setting in the services section, Tidal says that it is syncing library permanently with the action icon rotating

Hi @Jason_Southard ----- Thank you for the feedback. Can you please provide some details about your current setup as seen here.

Furthermore, can you please expand on your description of you network configuration/topology, as well as providing information on any networking hardware you are implementing.

Lastly, can you please verify the following:

  1. (In regard to TIDAL) Can you confirm if the same observations are made while using the TIDAL application by itself?

  2. Are you using any antivirus software or have any active firewalls currently?


Hi Eric

It is still happening intermittently .

I am running the latest version of Roon on a dell XPS15 9530 16gb ram i7 processor, windows 10 x64. The laptop is hard wired (ethernet) to a netgear nighthawk router. This is passed via USB to an audiolab Mdac then out.

I have been using it without this issue for some time, it is only a recent problem. There have been no major updates. I use a very stable and fast internet connection with a constant 70mb + speed so we can rule that out. There is no antivirus software or firewall on the machine, as it was a clean install a few months ago to be used purely as a media device.

There do not seem to be any problems with Tidal’s app when the issue occurs, although it is maybe behaving slower than usual at that time. I can restart and rectify the problem sometimes, but it comes back normally before an album can play through. I am alerted to the problem when tracks start skipping , it will sometimes skip to the next track. It doesn’t stop working entirely and will still play tracks already in my library on Tidal

Still happening frequently and have just uploaded the logs to support as requested.

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Hi Glebowski :wink:
Are you resolved problem? Start for me now ;(
It’s happen with my library tracks.