Skipping tracks + No images of any sort

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Sony Vaio laptop + Windows 10 home

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
IFI HIP DAC via USB + ASIO Drivers.

Description Of Issue

  1. Roon keeps crashing when I play music from my library. It will play for up to 20 seconds and then the app will shut down. After re-installing crashing seems to stop however if I click on the signal specs down in the commands bar, most of the times it will skip to the next track.

  2. I’m five days into my 2 weeks trial and I haven’t been able to display any image whatsoever on roon (covers, bios, library or tidal). I’ve tried any setup and looked up on the community but couldn’t find any help of sorts. Any area is just blank except for text and digits.

Today I received the third email on how to enjoy my trial, I hope I’ll get it to work before it expires.


You listed WiFi for your Network Details. That could be the issue you are experiencing. Roon is a heavy Network user. Ethernet is recommended from core to Router. Can you try to wire your core machine to the router to see if that helps with the issue?

Symptom 2 is often down to not communicating with the roon servers correctly so a network issue.

Thanks both, however it is a mesh network with the repater sitting right next to the laptop, if the wifi can’t do it, the cable won’t eithert - and infact it doesn’t.
Also I’d be very surprised as roon would be the only app to ever experience this kind of issue. I stream full hd/4K content from this same device and I never had any network issue, not to mention other hi res music apps that worked perfectly from the first moment.
Finally, is there an actual Roon support here or is it just the community? Sorry but I’m new and I couldn’t figure out how support works.

Yes, there is a Roon support team and they will respond when they get to your post in the queue. Hang in there.

The community does chime in and try to help out.

Not familiar with your laptop. Could you add the model and specs for your machine? Also the information on your network details would be helpful.

Hi @Vincenzo_De_Simone — Welcome to the forums, and sorry for the trouble here!

As noted above and in our Networking Guide we always recommend using an Ethernet connection whenever possible. We can’t be sure that that is the issue here just yet, but I just wanted to mention that.

Can you give some additional details about your network? What is the router being used here?

Can you also give some additional info about your Core machine? What CPU and GPU does it use? How much RAM does it have?


Hi dylan,
I looked up for similar issues on google and it seems roon has a hard time with intel hd4000 gpu, which happens to be the one i have. Could that be the cause? Is there any solution?

Cpu is Intel® Core™ i3-3227U CPU @ 1.90GHz, 4gb Ram.


You could try running the 32 bit version of Roon.

Hi Mike,
thanks for dedicating your time to this, the model is SVF1521G1EW.

I ran a cpu-z report to list all the specs, you can download it here:!AtmKWyEC-jM-5RPY5jiTE4BBOvxF?e=2UJ7PA

Looks like your machine has the minimum requirements to run Roon, except possibly the GPU and a spinning disk HDD.

Roon has a UI requirement for OPEN GL 3.0 and I don’t know if the GPU is there.

SSD’s are much faster than HDD’s especially when the OS and Roon are competing for access.

8 GB ram would also be preferred, depending on the size of your library.

How big is you library, albums, tracks, etc?

I’m sorry to say the limitations of the machine coupled with WiFI will probably not be an enjoyable Roon experience for you. As you have experienced.

Any thoughts on upgrading your machine, or possibly going with a dedicated Roon server? If you like what Roon has to offer it would be worthwhile to consider one of those options.

I decided to go with the nuc/rock server. It has the Roon configured Linux OS with the software. It is fast, reliable, and always available with no Windows Update issues.

Hi Mike,
the os and roon are on an ssd, the library is on an external hdd however it’s still small (16gb).
I switched to cable after the initial request for support, however this didn’t make any difference.

I can upgrade my ram as I should have another slot, however that’s the farthest I will go.
Indeed, concerning your recommendations for roon’s products, I might wanna send my son to college someday so I will pass on the nucleus.
By the way it’d be very odd to make such an effort for a software I didn’t even manage to try.

Thanks a lot for looking again into my issue.

Having the OS and Roon on a SSD that would improve the performance factor. I missed that. Would not mater if the library was on HDD.

When you switched to wired was that from laptop to the main router component or another part of the mesh. I’m not familiar with how mesh is configured. If you had Ethernet connected to a “repeater” that would still be wireless to the main router. The idea to is take wireless out of the connection between router and core machine.

I’m just a user like you, had Roon for 17 months. Roon support would no doubt have some additional ideas to help with the issue.

I could not afford the nucleus myself so I went the DIY route. You could probably build a NUC/ROCK for under 500.00 if that makes any difference. Still expensive for a trial.

Sorry I could not be more help

Did you try the 32 bit version like I suggested?

hi daniel,
i just did and it works now as I have the images.
Tracks keep skipping but I believe that happens with mqa due to buffering issues - which is odd as one would expect the song to interrupt, not to skip.

I will flag the issue as closed as I don’t think it will get any better with the current equipment.
Thanks all for stepping in.

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