Skipping tracks that are in a playlist

NUC Windows10 running Roon Core, control by Android tablet over WiFi.

When playing an album, if the first track is part of a playlist Roon skips it and starts playing from the 2nd track.

Hi @Ori_Onn,

Can you provide some additional information about your audio devices and your networking setup?

Is this happening for both streaming content (TIDAL/Qobuz) as well as local content?

Does this happen for all endpoints? What about for System Output of the Core?

Hi Dylan,
My Setup:
i3 7100 Beebox NUC running Roon Core
Control via Lenovo Tablet running Roon Remote via WiFi
Audio LAN via Cisco switch
SoTM SMS200 Network Player connected via USB to CHORD QUTEST DAC
Internet Networking: Cisco switch - Router - Cable TV modem

The problem seems to be specific to the track Maiden Voyage from Maiden Voyage album DSF64
I removed the track from the playlist and I can now play it manually while before it skipped it
Still however when I play the album, it still skips it
This is a library album
I could not see this problem on other library nor TIDAL albums

Hello @Ori_Onn, I tried with the album ‘Maiden Voyage’ by Herbie Hancock (hope that’s the right one) and wasn’t able to reproduce the issue. Have you rebooted your core and network since this started?

I rebooted the core and network but the problem persists.
The problem occurs only in the DSD64 album version of Maiden Voyage 1st track (Maiden Voyage), and not in the CD versions or other tracks of that album.

Hello @Ori_Onn, could you please upload a copy of that album here and let me know when you’ve had a chance to do so? I’d like to try your copy of the album on my side for the next test, thanks!

It’s done
I look fwd to your reply

Hello ?..
1.8 did not solve this problem

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