Skipping tracks with Innuos Squeezelite

I just purchased a Innuos Zen mkIII a couple days ago and was running iPeng. At the suggestion of a few folks I tried Roon. I started using Roon core on my Zen. Then again at the suggestion of those same folks tried Roon Squeezelite experimental mode on my Zen and I heard a nice sonic improvement. Core sounded soft and a little flat, squeezelite sounded more open and a little better dynamics. It worked great yesterday. Today I ripped a couple CD’s to the Zen. Then I went to listen and I had skipping of tracks, jumping ahead in tracks, that digital fast forward scan. So I went to Qobuz and the same thing. So I turned Roon off and went to iPeng and listened to the same tracks and it was fine. Went back to Roon and the skipping thing is still there. Is it because I ripped a bunch of CD’s and the audio analysis is still running? I know the Squeezelite on the Innuos is experimental but it worked great the other day. I really like roon but if this is what I get then I may just have to stay with iPeng. Thoughts and suggestions appreciated.

There’s a reason why it’s called experimental mode - use at your own risk. It has nothing to do with Roon.

Roon does not support Squeezelite only squeezbox hardware nor does it support memory playback which the Innuos is using in this mode to counteract system generated noise. You will need to talk to Innuos really as its their hack to get around the shortcomings of their hardware output over USB.

Thanks everyone. I certainly understand its not a Roon issue and it has to do with Innuos, I am just hoping for some tips to help with the problem. I really love the streamer and it sounds great with iPeng, but it sounds with Roon Squeezelite, just a bit more open experimental mode (which I understand is a test mode) but using just Roon core on my Zen sounds a little flat and too soft, kind of like I am using tubes that are too warm and mellow. It doesn’t sound bad at all, actually nice, but when you switch it to Squeezelite you realize it just Squeezelite just sounds more open and has a little more dynamic punch. A restart of the DAC and streamer last night seemed to take care of the problem.

I’ve had few hiccups using Squeezelite but the odd reboot is a small price to pay for it is (for me) a substantial improvement in sound quality.

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I’ve been running my zen mini MK III in the same experimental mode for about 4 months without issue and perhaps one required reboot during that time. It feeds into a new denafrips ares II Dac via USB. No LPS just wall warts. I know…eventually. The kinda stack nice too, if that was important to you :slight_smile:

I’ve been thrilled with these two upgrades and would do it all the same again.

My Roon setup is fledgling in age and size. I know the zen mini has its shortcomings (multi room dsp gets difficult) but has no impact on my setup. I can even engage some dsp in my one listening zone and enjoy without clipping etc. not to mention the ability to rip my small 500 cd collection before my other half trashes them. :wink:

I posted this some time ago on another thread. The skipping in Roon experimental mode seems to be tied to changing tracks. If you let the player play from track to track on its own, it will not have problems. But if you stop a track before it finishes and then switch to another track, you can have stuttering or skipping in the new track (somewhat randomly).

A simple fix works for me at least 99% of the time in avoiding skips. After stopping the track, always tap the back arrow at the left of the timeline display in order to set the time cursor back to the beginning of the track; then start the new track or album. I can imagine software bugs at several levels that might produce this but Innuos haven’t yet fixed the bug.

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Thanks! I did read that somewhere on here and it may have been your comment and you are correct. Once it gets an album it plays through. If I skip around thats when I have issues, but the simple back arrow fixes it.

More accurately to get around the shortcomings of Roon

I don’t think this is Roon’s fault, it is because Innuos is running beta software

I understand your point but what I am saying is Innuos is trying to improve the sound quality of Roon.

Their experimental squeezelite feature sounds much better than Roon. Furthermore iPeng running over AssetUPNP sounds even better than the experimental feature

So there is room to make Roon sound better…

Frank, I agree, experimental sounds better than Roon. I have iPeng and and still it does not sound as good as experimental squeezelite. What do you mean by iPeng over AssetUPNP? I am not familiar with that. Can you elaborate please

I believe the protocol for iPeng (at least on the Innuos) is UPnP

Regarding the comparison of Roon experimental mode to Squeezelite/IPeng players. I find a huge difference in the sound of the two (on a Zenith Mk3, no Phoenix or Statement), and both have issues. First, both are rolled off in high frequencies, which is a characteristic of Innuos. Second, there is a big difference in tonal balance. Roon experimental mode has considerably more energy in the mid to upper mids, giving it greater midrange color than Squeezelite, which can sound rather grey in comparison after listening to Roon exp. But the brighter mids in Roon exp can also become harsh and a bit edgy, which is probably due to additional noise. Squeezelite is softened and doesn’t have the harshness, and at times it can seem to have better transient definition. I don’t find either of them to be something I’m happy with long term, so it will be interesting to see what player options are in the new InnuOS 2.0.

Zen mk3 owner here. Simple question:
Can I change between the three available modes (Upnp/Roon/Roon exp. Squeezelite) without losing my Roon database?
You know changing back and forth without losing any data?
I only recently learned about that the experimental mode is supposed to sound better, which of course I would try to verify myself, but only without any hassle. Thanks.

Yes you van @Dan_Rosen. I tried it myself without losing the Roon info.
I prefer the exeperimental mode also, soundwise.

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Thanx, but how does it work?
Do I still use Roon App as player or do I have to use iPeng?
There is no Squeezelite App in the Appstore (I use iPad).
Here is a small Info on how to setup, but not how to use:

Hi Dan,

in Innuos you must enable the experimental mode.

In the Roon-app you’ll need to turn on Roon’s Squeezebox functionality.

  1. Visit Settings , then select the Setup tab

  2. Click yes next to Enable Squeezebox Support

Step 3: Once Squeezebox Support is turned on, you’ll be able to see your Squeezebox devices in the Audio tab of Settings. Enable the device you want Roon to stream to. You can also click the small Gear icon to configure settings for your devices once they’ve been enabled.

So you use the Roon app to use the experimental mode of Innuos.

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Thanks! It was your last sentence that was most important to me, As I could easily following the setup instruction by Innuos (equivalent to yours) but after finishing there was no information about when SSD playback is enabled with which player.
There is no third party software to use. Just Roon (with different config).

That’s right Dan.
It’s especially what I like about this Innuos feature. You have better sound than with Roon, but still can use the Roon interface.

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