Skipping with TIDAL and Qobuz content

Same here.

Roon 1.7 on Sonictransporter i5, Netgear Nighthawk, ethernet line to PS Audio DSD/Bridge.

Hi @Rusty_Miller,

Is every track skipping or just certain ones?

Does this happen if you play to System Output of a remote instead of the PS Audio?

Hey Dylan! It was happening last night in the main rig with the PSA DAC. Did not notice it in the day playing internet radio on a Bluesound Pulse or a Squeezebox Touch. Most tracks in the main rig resulted in either dropouts or track skips or the server just going down for a half-minute, with all my endpoints dead and then they come back. Rebooting the i5 seemed to help for a song or two, and then it didn’t.

This afternoon I logged out and back into Tidal and QOBUZ. Will report back after a session tonight.

Thanks for your care.

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Hi @Rusty_Miller,

If you experience further issues, please also know the timestamp of the issue and the track (if possible) and let us know this info here.

We’ve been mostly good tonight. One dropout over three hours.

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