Skips and Dropouts

Getting lots of skips and dropouts on all things Roon. Roon is running on a MacBook Pro (OS Sierra version 10.12.5) to a Cary DMS 500 via wifi, router is an Apple Airport Extreme. All the hardware is in line with your recommendations and has been updated with the latest firmware. Roon worked fine for a long time in this system, however during the past several months I’ve been getting skips and dropouts…usually starting out slowly and then increasing to more than one every minute. I checked all the entries on skips and dropouts on your support page to no avail.
My first year’s membership just automatically renewed last week. I need to fix this, or cancel (which I don’t really want to do).
Please help!
Clark Bixby

Thanks for reaching out, @CLARK_BIXBY!

So we can better assist you, please verify the following:

  • Is the MacBook Pro connected via WiFi or Ethernet?
  • Does this happen with local content, TIDAL content, or both?
  • Where is your local content stored?
  • Can you share a screenshot of the signal path when playing to this endpoint?
  • If you play to the default output of the MacBook instead of the Cary DMS do you experience the same behavior?


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