Sleep Timer - THANK YOU

I just updated my Roon and there is now a sleep timer!

I am one of the users that has been requesting and hoping for this to happen. All the treads on this topic are closed which is awesome in a way but I have nowhere to say THANK YOU so I’m just posting this to say an enormous THANKS to the Roon team!

AWESOME :sunglasses:


I didn’t realize I needed it, but Roon radio with a bedside HomePod is a perfect use case for a sleep timer. I used it last night for he first time.

Thanks from me too

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Huge thanks from me too…using it right now…
Night night…

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Help–I can’t find it. I have the latest build.

@David_Russell I had to update my iOS apps before the sleep timer became visible - the update to my core must have made it functional, but not until the control app was updated was I able to ‘access’ that function. I’m not sure how you’re running you core/control system, but you may need to wait or manually refresh you control app to see the sleep timer.

I’ll add my thanks to the Roon team for this too- great to have the kids able to set a timer to go to sleep, and me not having to remember to switch their systems off at night! Thanks!

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Many many thanks from me too.
Much needed, and beautifully executed.

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Found it! Excellent addition!!

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The question is - Why did it take so long to deliver?

With this pace, it will take centuries before the more complex promised enhancements such as the UI overhaul or Roon Mobile are delivered!

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Love it, thank you for the sleep timer. Long awaited and truly appreciated.

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I tried it with a meridian 218 endpoint, but I didn’t shutdown the device.
Have an MS600 will try as well on that one and report back.

Any thoughts?


Same issue for the MS600.
Latest build of 1.8 roon running on MacMini Catalina.

Found the solution myself. But for those having the doubts/trouble.
The auto sleep, will just stop playing (not power off the device)
To power off the device, this is configured through the device setup.

This feature is really handy, but it would be even more useful if it had a 5 minute option.

Sometimes I would just like the current song to finish playing and then pause the queue, and this would be close to replicating that function.