Slight distortation playing both Tidal and local files

(Michael Fanning) #1

For the first time since using Roon, I had some slight distortion today playing both streaming and local files. I am just curious whether this has happened to anyone. The distortion was sort of a short squeal; not sure how else to describe it.

I wonder whether it might have been some network problem with my ISP.

My setup:
I recently installed a Nucleus, which is hard wired to my router. I also have a Devialet Expert 200, which Roon has conveniently partnered with so I can start, control and turn off my device within the Roon app.

Anyway, let me know whether anyone has encountered this issue. Unless it repeats itself, I am not going to report it to Roon support, as I know I will need to do some log tracking, possibly moving the Core, etc.


(Tor Gunnar Berland) #2

Never heard of this before. How is the Devialet connected to Roon? If my information is correct it is not Roon ready? So I’m guessing you are using Devialet Air; that could be reason. I would also contact Devialet support - they are usually very helpful.

(Michael Fanning) #3

@Tor_Gunnar_Berland Thanks for the input. Yes, I am using the Devialet AIR connection as implemented by Roon. I actually think this was a one-off as I haven’t had any issues since the reported problem. If it persists, I’ll check over on the Devialet Chat forum to see whether anyone else has had the issue. Again, thanks.