Slight Distortion During Playback

Hey guys - I’m having an issue with slight distortion occurring during playback. Seems I get this behavior when playing any audio file (mp3, DSD and Flac). I’ve tried adjusting Roon volume down but doesn’t seem to change anything.

Any ideas?

My setup:

  • Computer: Latest generation i7 27" Apple iMac
  • DAC: Mutec MC-3+ USB (I know its not technically a DAC) connected via USB3
  • Speakers: PMC TwoTwo.5 Monitors with PMC TwoTwo.Sub1 and external volume controller connected via AES3.

Edit: Should’ve looked more closely at your monitors’ capabilities. Is it possible to take the Mutec and the volume control out of the chain and see if the problem persists?

Hi @Dylan_Eddy — Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us, both are appreciated!

Moving forward, can you please provide me with the following:

  1. Screenshots of the device settings you are using in Roon for the Mutec DAC as well as the signal path coming out of Roon when you are making this observation.

  2. Are you noticing the distortion when playing music to other audio zones or does it appear to be isolated to the Mutec?


I also have a very similar setup (Mac Mini to Mutec 1-2 to PMC twotwo.5s), any updates? Doing my research before do the free trial.

Hey Erik - all is working fantastic on my end. If I recall correctly, I just had to change a setting in Roon to lose the distortion (or it was a cable issue - this is an old post and my memory is awful).

I’ve since picked up the Nucleus+ for the Roon server and am still running strong with the iMac Pro, Mutec MC-3+USB and my PMC monitors (+sub).

I honestly couldn’t imagine it sounding any better and the overall Roon experience is top notch.

Ok, thanks for the update.