Slow Access to Roon

Core : 2013 i5 27in iMac 8gb RAM 500gb HDD 1.6 Latest Build. Library 4000 tracks.

Google wifi (3 access points. Core hardwired to access point)

RPI3 Running Ropiee (latest build) hard wired to Google wifi AP. 50mbps download - Stable

Issue since 1.6 Slow access to library/Tidal/Qobuz. Selecting “Recent” can take up to a minute to load anything. Searches similar time. When access occurs track selection leads to 30secs + time to track to start playing.

Complete restart of system can speed this up temporarily but slows again within a day or so. Also noticed that a restart takes longer to find endpoint. Google system used with Roon for come time with no issues. No change to internet / network setup. Only change would be adding Qobuz post 1.6…


Basing on your description, I suggest you are experiencing this problem on your mobile device. Do you experience slowness in case of using Roon remote on the machine where Roon core is installed ?

Also, do you get same slowness in case of playback to your iMac built-in sound card instead of Ropiee ?

Thanks. I am experiencing this slowness via remote on ios (iphone 6s) and android tablet (although this is on kitkat so may be getting a little underspecced). I am running RoonServer as the core, so dont have the GUI on the core mac. I guess i could run an instance of roon on the iMac and check - will try

Yup, that’s what I meant. Let us know how it goes. Thanks

Yep - that speeds it up. Obviously a remote problem on ios. Maybe time for a new phone…

Hi @Paul_Butler,

Can you try reinstalling the iOS app and see if that helps?

– Noris

Yep - will try that - Thanks

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