Slow album art graphics with iPad [resolved: network issue]

I have a friend with about 8,000 cd’s in his collection. When controlling Roon with his Ethernet-attached Win machine, after the album art in the cache is exhausted, the additional album art is displayed fairly quickly. But when he uses his iPad, the additional artwork is displayed very slowly.

I read quite a few posts about increasing the size of the cache, but in the most recent version of Roon, that menu item seems to be missing. He currently has 16 GB of ram in his core machine. At first I thought that if he upped that to 32 GB, it would help as the cache would likely be larger (but still not large enough for 8,000 cd’s).

But here is another potential logjam. He has a mesh system for wi-fi as he has a very large home. And since using an Ethernet connection results in album art being displayed at a reasonable speed and use of the iPad over wi-fi is extremely slow, my best guess is that it is the mesh wi-fi system that is the problem.

Any input would be appreciated.

  • Jim

I trust his RAM is in Gb !

Most Roon issues boil down to network issues. My library is comparable (Windows 10 with 16gb ) , I rarely see any slowness, I am Ethernet connected except for the iPad of course.

What spec is the iPad in question ? Also perhaps check how much memory Roon is taking on the iPad and how much there is spare to play with

Yes, GB. Corrected.

He tells me h has a new iPad purchased for use with Roon.

Turns out it was what I thought…a network issue.