Slow Analysis & Crashing

I have around 100,000 tracks. I am however, using an i7 machine with 16gb of RAM. I am on the 14 day trial and I aam deeply disapointed. It has been a few days of trying and it crashes and now it is analysing so slowly - as I right this its been stuck on track 22 out of 100,000 for several minutes…

J River never had this problem. Can anyone help

Tell us a little about your hardware setup - OS, where are music files, what format. My experience with Roon is it’s pretty robust so I’m guessing there’s something not quite what it should be in the setup. Some more info will help to try identify root cause.

@mike will I’m sure be able to look into extending your trial and resolving the issues so you can get a good feel for what Roon does.

Hey @zenpmd – we recently fixed a few scanning issues that can cause us to get stuck on corrupt audio files. The fix is tested and will be released soon, but for now, let’s get some logs and make sure we figure out what’s going on here.

I’ll be in touch via PM – stand by!