Slow Editing / Identification of Album

Hi Guys any idea what causes this type of slowness or what mechanisms are at work here?

A phrase about the education of one’s mother in egg etiquette springs to mind, but you have rebooted all appliances in the chain, core, iPad and router?



Hello @ComputerAudiophile,

Thanks for contacting support, I’d be happy to take a look over this issue with you. The first step in troubleshooting here would be to reboot your Roon Core device and networking equipment to ensure that they are in a fresh state. After you have done so, please let me know your reply to the following questions:

  • Have you updated to the newest version of Roon on both your Core and your Roon Remote (iPad?) You can check to see if you are on the newest version in Settings -> About (located on the top right-hand corner of the settings screen), it should say “Roon Version 1.5 (build 323)”

  • How is your network set up? Please include the manufacturers/model names of your Modem, Router, Access Points, Switches, Network Extenders, ect.

  • Can you confirm if this issue occurs on all of your Roon Remote devices or is it localized to that iPad?

  • Does this issue occur with multiple albums or just the Gary Karr one you have listed in the video?

  • Is Roon performing any background analysis of tracks or are there any other CPU intensive process happening on your Core?

I have also gone ahead and enabled diagnostics mode for your account, what that will do is next time your Core is active, a set of error logs will be automatically generated and uploaded to our servers for further analysis. What I kindly ask you to do is reproduce the issue you showed in the video and note the exact local time in your country that the iPad is loading slowly.

Please let me know your reply to the above when possible and we can continue from there.


I would add knowing what the hardware spec your core is installed on too. Disk cpu and ram details at the very least.