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For the first time, I am getting Slow File Loading alerts. This comes after switching the Core to a brand new hi-processing iMac. Processing speeds do not seem to be the problem and are higher than before. Previously both the Core and Endpoint were integrated on a Zenith SE. The zenith feeds a simaudio 280D DAC. The library is located in the Zenith.

Any thoughts? Thanks,


Previously both the Core and Endpoint were integrated on a Zenith SE.
Actually, if the files were on the Zenith then the Core, Storage and Endpoint were on the same box.

Roon is transferring the files from the Zenith to the new Imac and then again back out to the Zenith. This might be putting extra stress on the network. You might try to make a test folder on the iMac and copy some music there, disable the current storage folder, add the test folder and see if you get the same response. That way you are using the Zenith solely as an endpoint.

Hi @Bruce_Orr,

I just wanted to check in with you here and see if you have been able to follow Rugby’s suggestion of trying media directly from the Zenith, has that test worked as expected or are you still experiencing issues even by using that method?


Rugby’s suggestion was to try media directly from the iMac, not the Zenith. The OP was already trying media directly from the Zenith.

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Solved this. Thank you


@Speed_Racer - Thanks for pointing that out, my mistake.

@Bruce_Orr - Glad to hear that the issue is resolved, would you mind sharing some more information here as to how you resolved it for anyone experiencing a similar issue?


So, I discovered the Roon iMac Core was pointed at 2 libraries, though - both on the iMac. I shut down one, did library maintenance to get rid of the associated files, and everything was fine. No loading issue since and processing times 70+ before upsampling and volume leveling.

Appreciate the help from all


Hi @Bruce_Orr,

Thank you for providing that additional context! Happy to hear that the issue is resolved and thanks again for contacting us regarding your issue.

– Noris

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