"Slow Loading of Artist Discography" (ref#UHF06V)

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Artist Discography really slow.
Rest of Roon is working fine.

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Description My Setup
Details on your Core machine (OS, Hardware specs, Roon build)
- Audiolinux Server, running on Audiolinux V3, Intel i9 13900 processor, 32GB RAM, 1 HD Samsung SSD 512GB for OS+apps Roon/HQPlayerEmbedded + 2 HD Samsung 4TB SSD for local music
- Roon version 2.0 build 1413
- HQPlayer: HQPlayer Embedded 5.6.2-1
Details on your Remote(s) (OS, Hardware specs, Roon build)
- iPad Air Pro – 128GB - running iPadOS 17.4 - Roon version 2.0.1413
- Samsung S23 – running Android version 14 – Roon version 2.0.1413 Wifi 6
- Laptop running Windows 11 Pro - 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-1165G7 @ 2.80GHz 2.80 GHz Ram 16GB, Roon version 2.0.1413
Networking details (especially what hardware you’re using, how everything is connected, and anything notable about how it’s all configured)
- Ethernet & Wifi Mesh network built on 4 * Asus Zenwifi XT8
- Connected to Service Provider modem
- Speedtest connection speed ethernet 220Mbps download – 18Mbps upload
- Roon Core connected via ethernet, laptop (remote) connected via ethernet
- Mobile Remotes connected via Wifi6 (135 Mbps download – 18 Mbps upload)
Audio devices in use
- T+A 200 DAC connected via USB to Holo Audio Red USB connected to ethernet
- Endpoints : 1 * Cambridge Audio CXN v2 , connected via ethernet
Library details
- Local library on separate internal 2*4TB SSD hard disks in Roon Server
- 36786 tracks (2541 local albums, 2 Qobuz album)
Backup details
- Location 1 : SSD disk in Core Machine - 200GB capacity
- Location 2 : Synology NAS 10,8 TB capacity
- Location 3 : USB disk connected to Synology NAS - 7,2 TB capacity

Yes, me as well. Not a huge issue, but enough for me to search for this issue and find someone else’s post and join in. This has been happening over many days, with several different artists, usually just a few seconds for discography to populate, but at least once I was waiting upwards of 10 seconds for discography to populate. Not too bad at this moment, but I was able to snap this screenshot for evidence :slight_smile: All other aspects of Roon are speedy.

Build 1413 on both Antipodes K50 server and iphone 7 - just 1000 tracks on one music folder

Same issue here! Has been happening for the last week, maybe two.

Hi All,

Thanks for the reports here. Can you please confirm if there is any change in behavior if you reboot your Roon Server? Is this an issue that builds up over time and it is otherwise speedy right after a restart?

At this moment (14h25 CET) Discography is at perfect speed, inline with all other Roon functions.
Will check what you ask, when the issue is presenting itself again.

Just rebooted my Roon Server to make sure (I reboot every night). The issue is there right from the start - and it was there before rebooting. Sometimes a discography loads right away, sometimes it takes around 5 seconds.

I checked whether it only occurs for discographies that I hadn’t opened before, or whether it only happens with certain artists (with bigger discographies e.g.), but it seems to happen at random. 9/20 were slow, 1 of those failed to load entirely:

Second test with ~ same artists: issue occurred 11/20, artists not consistent.

Thanks for reply @noris

Just for a further piece of information:

My Antipodes is never rebooted, it stays on 24/7. Last night short delays of 1-2 sec were noticed, early this morning I checked with various searches, some contained within the search “cache” list, some new searches, and discography populated instantly- no server reboot. Again, if it were always 1-2 seconds I would consider that acceptable, and wouldn’t describe that as an issue.

As @Dirk_De_Taey stated, next time I notice a lag of more than 2 seconds, consistently, I will try restarting the server.

Hi @joel since yesterday (Saturday) I have been getting intermittent slow loading of artists discography sections in Roon and occasionally Tidal section. All other areas dont seem to be affected. Its taking up to 9-10 secs in some cases to populate If its been cached it loads really quick. I I can see in the logs high retrieval times being given to. I dont get any issues with any other services can we check that Roons servers are not experiencing some odd load conditions?

ISP is fine, my network is not experiencing any issues elsewhere, given it all a full reboot and same issues come up, I am confrontred with 5 grey squares until it loads.

I am in London Area UK if thats useful to pinpoint if its a local CDN issue?

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To add got this earlier never seen this before it’s also getting slower and more of the time.


I have just started seeing this after reading your post.

Roon was like this for about 15-20 seconds and then then finally the artwork appeared. I had gone into Laura Misch and added her latest album on Qobuz yesterday and wanted to listen to her previous album.
I would assume her photo was coached in my database as that appeared instantly. But the albums took a long time to show up

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Yep that’s what I have been getting but not had to wait that long yet to populate. Last night it was about 9-10 secs today it’s been about 5.5 secs but US is waking up and likely will start to climb.

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Same here, discography section takes 10-30 seconds and sometimes get Discography unavailable message (as shown above).

Artist overview and discography has been too slow for very long time but now this is getting worse.


Hopefully @joel or someone from @metadata_support can check this out and restart whatever service is on the blink.


Happened to me this morning as well, also version artwork is not updating, just get grey squares for 10-15 seconds (& sometimes they stay grey)…


Same for me.

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There’s another thread about this issue here: "Slow Loading of Artist Discography" (ref#UHF06V)

Same happens for me for about 2 weeks.

Thanks hadn’t seen that.

Started getting this, over the weekend hadn’t noticed it before then. I had put a metadata support ticket in. Others also added to my initial post. @Roon_Moderators is it worth merging these?

Tried all sorts of trouble shooting. After a few searches it rears its head. Reboot doesn’t change this behaviour.

Hi everyone,

Please stand by - we’re investigating the underlying cause here and will comment shortly with more information. The team has identified and resolved a recurring backend issue concurrent with these reports but we’ve not yet confirmed it’s causal for every case.