Slow loading of page content

I’m having the same issue since yesterday.
If you leave the app open, Roon is at the end updating these sections below “Genres for You” but sometimes is doing it after 30s, sometimes after 1 minute and very few times it’s as fast as the rest of the page.
I’m having the same issue also in the Artist page with all the contents below Collaborators loading also after 30-60s
I thought it’s related to some Roon server (maybe the one responsible for Valence) because anything else, be it local library, Tidal or Qobuz is loading very fast.
My set up is:

Core Machine

Mac mini M1

Network Details


Audio Devices

multiple devices via USB and Ethernet

Library Size

40k tracks plus Tidal and Qobuz

Hi @Stefano_Ventola

Can you give some additional details on your network?

If you reboot your Core is there any change?

Hi @Dylan
thanks for getting back to me.

I tried to quit and restart RoonServer and also to restart the computer where Roon Server is installed but nothing changed.
I also tried to reboot the router but this also didn’t help.
It’s only the Home Screen and the Artist Screen and it’s always only the lower part of the screen (below “Genres for You” and below “Recommended Albums”) which is loading very slowly (between 30 to 60s), the upper part is always loading very quickly.
I started to note this behaviour since yesterday, after moving everything to the new Mac mini. On the old Mini (mid 2010) I didn’t notice but with that computer everything was loading a bit slower.

RoonServer is the only software running on the Mini and the computer is connected true ethernet cable either to a Netgear switch (16 port ProSAFE unmanaged JGS516-200EUS) or directly to the router from the telecom company (Deutsche T-Com). Everything else runs smoothly and very fast and I also have no problem to stream from Qobuz or Tidal and also to stream 4k video.

I tried to connect the Core via WiFi but I had the same problem.

By the way, when looking at the Activity Monitor on the computer, I see 2 RoonServer process running, not 1, is this normal?

Thanks for helping, let me know if you need more details.

Hi @dylan

I just found out that the problem is not only with the Home or Artist page but also with the Album page even if slightly different.
In this case instead of loading slowly, the page is not loading always all the contents. If I select the same album multiple times, sometimes I have Tracks, Popular Releases, Recommended Albums and Credited On, sometimes I have only Tracks, sometimes only Tracks and Popular Album, sometimes only Tracks and recommended Albums…
The times it’s loading less contents are more than the times it loads all the contents.

Please let me know if I can/should collect some logs after reproducing the issue.


@Stefano_Ventola Thanks for reporting this. I checked and have the same issue. Just had not noticed this before.

@dylan FYI. linking my thread here also

I have to correct myself, also with the Album page it’s a problem of slow loading.
I was mislead by the fact there was no Roon logo indicating that the page is still loading but also here if I wait between 30s to 60s then all the contents in the page becomes available.

I tried to change the DNS settings on the core machine switching to Coudflare ( but it didn’t change.
One thing I didn’t mention before is that I started to see this slow loading after moving to the new computer (the old one was an old Mac mini mid 2010) but I haven’t used the old one for few days before the changes so I cannot be sure that the two things are connected. I have seen that there is a third topic open with the same issue and he has a NUC so it’s probably not related to the computer.

Hi @Stefano_Ventola I dont think it is an issue related to a specific computer/ Core set up. As you note, there is a another user with a similar issue and a different set up, and my issues are also not too different and I have a Nucleus running as my Roon core. #support @dylan

Following this thread as we have the same issue @Stefano_Ventola . I hope @dylan can help us. Here’s mine:

@Stefano_Ventola - Any luck with getting this resolved? My issue is now pretty much the same as yours i.e slow content loading across multiple pages.

yesterday morning (Europe time) Roon was back to normal behaviour for me but then in the afternoon and in the evening I had again the same issues.
This for me excludes any problem with the computer or the local network and even the Roon core software. It looks more like an issue with one or some of the servers processing the queries from the application.
Maybe our issue is caused by the Qobuz servers which impacted many other people with slightly different issues (like favourites album missing).
If that’s the case the situation should go back to normal soon.
This morning again no issue, I will update you later to let you know if the issue is completely gone or it is back.

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Thanks @Stefano_Ventola . I had a brief period of normal behaviour as well but it didn’t last. I stream on Tidal though. Don’t use Qobuz so might not be a streaming service issue

Hi @ADITH_MOHAN, mine seems to be ok so far but I will keep monitoring today.

@Stefano_Ventola I seem to be back up and running as well. Fingers crossed

Hi @ADITH_MOHAN , I can confirm that I also had no problems in the last two days so it was nothing with the local set-up. Finger crossed.

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@beka another example of community members providing info to support each other #support



Point taken! We couldn’t be more grateful for the Roon community that is so others-centered - they’re more help than we could have hoped for.

@Stefano_Ventola, thank you so much for your replies and for keeping us posted as things unfolded.

While we’re not yet replying as fast as we’d want, we are here for you :nerd_face: