Slow page loads and playback

I’m noticing exactly the same.

I click on an artist and it’s taking like 30 seconds of hanging with the Roon logo before it loads the albums.

I press play and its taking up to 20 seconds for the track to start.

System is:

Intel i7 NUC with 32gb RAM and an SSD with library on it as server.

Intel i7 NUC with 8gb RAM as Roon Bridge.

Both running Audiolinux.

Playing to a PS Audio Directstream DAC.

Was working very well but suddenly its frustratingly slow.


PS apologies to the Op. Not trying to hijack your thread. Just sharing in case its something in the latest release.

Hi @BigAIMc,

If you reboot your Core machine do things speed up at all?

Does slow playback occur for all endpoints? Does it occur for all content (local media and streaming)?

Hi Dylan,

Apologies I missed this reply.

Ive tried rebooting and it didn’t make much difference. The problem seems intermittent tho.

Likewise I’ve rebooted the network and no noticeable difference.

My working theory is that since introducing Qobuz as well my performance is suffering as a result of the library scanning local files, Tidal and Qobuz. But that’s just a guess.


Hi @BigAIMc,

How many tracks total do you have in your library between local, TIDAL, and Qobuz content?

If you temporarily disable Qobuz do things speed up for you?

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