Slow Performance/App Crashing

Regardless of whether I access Roon from my iPhone or my MacBook Pro, the performance is very slow. I frequently see network errors in a red box at the bottom of my screen. The Qobux ‘new releases’ tab is showing no results. If I search for an artist the search takes 10-20 seconds to return. Clicking on the ‘top result’ for an artist causes the Roon symbol to appear…sometimes I will get albums returned after several seconds, other times I get network errors. Tonight the Roon app has even crashed on my phone which I am waiting to results to be returned. Now when I try to launch Roon on my iPhone, I get the Roon symbol immediately to show it’s waiting for something, then after about 10 seconds the app crashes.

When I look at the system status for ROCK everything is showing ‘OK’. My NUC is wired ethernet connection into a Netgear switch. I have a Pi running the bridge software which is also wired back to the same switch. Everything else on my network is working fine, except for Roon.

Can someone help me diagnose what the issue is please?

Hi @James_Lines,

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From your symptoms this sounds like it could be a networking issue, can you let me know the model/manufacturer of your router? Are you using an ISP provided DNS for your setup or are you using Google / Cloudflare?

You mentioned that your ROCK is currently plugged into a switch, can you please try plugging it in directly to the router and let me know if you experience the same behavior?

Hi Noris thanks for your reply. I tried plugging my NUC straight into my router as you suggested. This has really helped with general speed navigating through UI. It has also helped with the speed of accessing music from my NAS.

Qobuz access however remains slow and I still get ‘Error loading page’ when I click on ‘Playlists’ or any of the other Qobuz headings.

My DNS is ISP provided and I am using a Netgear Orbi router which is set in AP (Access Point) mode. I use a Plusnet (ISP) modem to connect to the outside world which has a connection to my Netgear Orbi.

Hi Noris. I switched from ISP to Google DNS on my NUC. Problem solved and now Qobuz is very responsive. Thanks for your help.

For anyone else in the UK using a Plusnet modem that is experiencing slow Roon performance accessing online services, I recommend changing over to Google DNS instead (on local devices, you can’t change it on modem unfortunately).

Have a good weekend.


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Hi @James_Lines,

Glad to hear that the network reconfiguration and DNS change helped resolve the issues. Hope you have a continued enjoyable Roon experience!