Slow Performance on Windows 10 NUC

@support – It seems that another re-install of Roon resolved the TIDAL disconnection issues for me. Instead, I am now plagued by incredibly slow performance when it comes to loading and playing TIDAL albums. Local files are accessed and played in the normal rapid fashion (ie <1 second to respond).

In contrast, clicking on a TIDAL album results in a 45 second load time before I am presented with a track list. Initiating playback takes about 20 seconds. This occurs for almost every album, playlist, etc. on TIDAL. Restarting ROON Server does not seem to improve performance. Rebooting the NUC running ROON server is also ineffective.

This is relatively recent behavior. My hardware and network topology is described earlier in this thread.

@Al_Abuzeid ---- Moving this information over so I have your setup details in this thread :wink:

@Al_Abuzeid ---- Now that I have all of your information in place I would like to have please perform the following test for me:

With Roon Running…

  1. Please open a command prompt session.

" Command Prompt - > to open a Command Prompt session using just your mouse. … Click the “Start” button and type “cmd.”

  1. Type in the following command and hit enter:

ping -t

  1. Let the command run for a few minutes while using Roon, making sure you are trying to access TIDAL content.

  2. After you have let the command run please enter to stop the test:


  1. After the command has been stopped, “select all” and copy/paste the information into a text document and send it to us for review.


Will do…interestingly, after updating Roon, the lag in accessing Tidal content seems to have dissipated. The same happened after the last update a few days ago before recurring so I anticipate that the problem will recur. I will follow your instructions when it does occur and send the log to you. Thanks for the responsive tech support!

Log sent to you via private message. Thanks.

Hi @Al_Abuzeid ---- Thank you for following up with me. Confirming that I have received your PM :thumbsup:

Moving forward, I would kindly like to ask you to please monitor the behavior in Roon since it seems, based on your last update, that things have stabilized. If the issue comes up again, please send logs and re-run the ping test based on the instructions I provided to you in my response to your PM :microscope: