Slow performance since 1.6

I’ve also seen that when an image becomes ‘unstuck’ the lyrics go rolling past super fast and then never sync up again.

Interesting observation, is that only with ROCK? I have not seen that issue on my end yet, but Chromecast does need to be stabilized across all platforms

Yes, I stopped using ROCK awhile ago, mainly for problems like this. I run Core under WIN10, without any problems at all.

You can try backing up (using Roon’s backup feature) the Roon library and then restoring, if you like experimenting. Or not.:slightly_smiling_face:


I have had no further feedback on when this issue will be resolved or if its in the Backlog?

Following Slim_Fishguttz suggestion, the last backup was reinstalled and it has highlighted the following

(1) It took an hour to reinstate the backup to resolve this issue. This is not a feasible approach moving forwards as this is a bug?
(2) Sound Quality has improved - Clearer and Less Congested / Thickness as some other members have also noted. This is a problem when RAAT is being compared to UPNP an other protocols and people are complaining of quality / SQ changes?
(3) Artist Images Changed - discrepancy between backup of 6 hours and what whats shown in the Artist Screen prior to selecting to re-instate the last backup - there is a lack of parity!

So overall Slim_Fishguttz hypothesis with ROCK and Chromecast Issues being temporary resolved through reinstalling the Backup is correct and needs to be addressed by Development.

I look forward to your response on when this known issue and how it will be addressed

Many thanks


I need to restart rock daily to have any displays work (chromecast or web controller). Once I do they work for a while. After they just freeze up.

You have a performance issue that support should fix. You should NOT have to restart ROCK to basically work. If you do, something is broken and it’s likely a networking issue.
The slow search is a pain for a lot of people, but what you describe is very different IMO.
I’d recommend you open a thread under Support:

They will really need to know how your ROCK system is wired to fix the issue.

Hi @Mark_Goodwin,

Thanks for the update here, and apologies for the delayed response (I’ve been out of town for a few days). I’ve enabled diagnostics on your account and am bringing this to our technical team’s attention.


Hi Dylan,

Thank you for the update

Looking forward to resolving the Chromecast issue with ROCK as it’s a great experience when stable

Kind regards


As diagnostics have been switched on. THE Chromecast frozen in time with Nucleus + (ROCK) has occured this morning at circa 6.05am GMT. Please check logs for troubleshooting purposes to resolve this ongoing issue. Many thanks Mark

Hi @Mark_Goodwin,

I was hoping you could use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link. We will need logs from your Nucleus Core.


Just a …btw…its still broken bump.

Restarting ROCK will get the chromecast displays “unstuck” for a certain amount of time, but they always end up stuck again.

Hi Derek, still a major painpoint!!! Still dont understand why this has not been resolved as a bug fix as it completely ruins the Roon Display experience.

As it affects ROCK and Nucleus plus other Linux builds, I would have expected to see a fix in place after 6 months of the issue being highlighted by multiple users?

I have multiple Chroncast devices just for Roon Display in multiple zones and my overall user experience for display is totally ruined.

Love the Roon experience but this persistent issue is a nightmare as you cannot demo the system correctly as its ALLWAYS frozen in time, roon radio is not showing correct metadata when switching songs, constant restarts of the core for a temp fix, etc

ROON Team, please resolve this ongoing issue

Hi @Mark_Goodwin,

The team is still looking into this and we haven’t been able to reproduce this issue in-house. We are hoping that timestamps and logs will help us better understand what you’re experiencing. I previously asked about sending logs but I hadn’t heard back.

Would you (and @Derek_Wyman as well) kindly please reproduce this issue once more and make a note of the time that this occurs? Afterwards, I was hoping you could use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link. We will need logs from your Nucleus Core.

I’m happy to send logs again, but my issue is with ROCK not a nucleus. That thread was merged into this one

Hi Dylan, logs zipped and ready to send, unfortunately cannot access dropbox. Please can you suggest suitable email address, etc

Hi Dylan,

ROON Nuclues+ and Chromecast Ultra ‘Stuck in Time’ issue has occurred at 8.05 am GMT on Friday the 26th July

Files Zipped and send via your Dev Upload Facility as
Please review for troubleshooting



Thanks, @Mark_Goodwin. I’ve passed them along to the team and will follow up as soon as I’ve received their feedback.

Hi Dylan,

Following up on this open action item

Please could you provide feedback on its current development status and expected ETA to resolve this lingering issue.

Currently this is still happening on a daily basis with a Nucleus + and Chromecast Ultras. Only a core restart can temporarily fix the issue then it reverts back to 'frozen in time’s

Many thanks


Hi @Mark_Goodwin,

I’ve gathered your report and a couple others, including logs and/or a diagnostics report for each, and passed it along to the technical team. They’re still actively investigating this and working to reproduce. I can’t provide any specific timeframes here, but I can confirm via our internal tracker that this is still under active investigation. I’ll be sure to update you when I have more information.

Thanks Dylan