Slow reconnect after remote sleep

With 1.0 I have had slow and random reconnection times when my Surface (win 8.1) and Surface Pro (win 10) are woken up.
Didn’t raise it, wanted to see how the iOS version behaved.
Now I’m running 1.1/55, and I see the same or worse behavior on all remotes.

“Slow” means over 30 seconds, during which the UI is disabled. (Means I can’t shut off the music when the phone rings.)
“Random” means that sometimes it reconnects in a second, and the delay does not depend on how long (and how deeply) the remote was asleep.

All the remotes are connected over the same AC wifi network.

The core is Windows 8.1, but the connection is a little non-standard: I have a central router for that wifi network, but I also have a wifi extender in my office and the PC is wired into that extender. Other software is installed on this PC but not in use at this time.

Do other people have this behavior? Or is it something about my setup, maybe the two-jump wifi? (I could experiment with the network…)

I would go with your hunch about wifi. I use multiple device and don’t see any lag like that. Can you try without the extra wifi leg …maybe just temporarily ?
I imagine the relay is not sending all packets immediately.

@ncpl Probably. Tried with the remote connected directly to the wifi extender instead of the central router, Roon works better but the internet does not.

Annoying. When they built the house 50 years ago they didn’t anticipate the Internet, the slackers.

Anyway, important to know that it is my problem and not general.

For what it’s worth, I’m having a similar problem which manifests itself in no connection between my Core & Remote unless “forced” (toggle the Core “accept remotes” button off & on).

I’ve sent log files & am awaiting a fix - as this worked fine before v1.1.

One potential similarity is that we’re both using versions of Windows 10 and our Remotes are (obviously) connected by WiFi.