Slow Response Time

I run Roon on a Mac Mini (mid 2011), 2.5 Ghz, i5 Intel processor, 16 gb memory, 1TB SATA (non-solid state Drive, 7200 RPM Drive). Music files are stored on a 1TB partition of a 3TB external hard drive (a Hitachi HGST Deskstar drive–which I think is a “energy saver” drive, but I’m not 100% sure of that).

There’s nearly always message on my iPad or phone when I try to connect to Roon that says: “Lost Connection! Trying to Reconnect.”). Is the most likely cause of this that I am NOT using a Solid State Drive as my system drive? Could I expect that this sort of thing would go away if I did run Roon on a solid state drive on my MacMini?

I believe this is a limitation of memory management on iOS devices rather than an issue with your mini. I see the identical behavior on my iPhone 6. See this thread.

Thanks Kevin. Helpful thread; that does pretty much describe my problem. So looks like I have some time before I need to invest in a SSD!

This message is unrelated to your SSD choice.

On iOS devices, there isn’t a way for us keep the remote<->core connection open when our app is not in the foreground.

So “lost connection” is accurate, but the way the experience plays out is pretty alarming. For the upcoming 1.3 release, we have some changes that smooth over this and make the experience of reconnecting faster/smoother.