Slow Search Issues


@CrystalGipsy -I’m going to be asking the tech team about your traces at our next meeting, but can you let me know if the behavior is the same if you perform the search for Julian Cope a second time? Is there any change in then?

@PixelPopper - Can you please open a separate thread? Here I can see that the backend search took a bit of time in @CrystalGipsy’s logs but you might be experiencing something else if the average is around 45ms for you.


Topic - Searches Freeze or very slow created.

@noris Same search took about 3 secs this morning. Next time it’s slow will repeat the search.

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Just had another slow one, for Badly Drawn Boy, 2nd search was quicker.

Ok now most searches are slow tonight

Here is my internet speed test

Absolutely awful performance tonight. Every search is slow, repeat searches are variable and sometimes longer than the first.

Slowness is back, consistently slow this morning taking between 10-15 secs.

I had similar problems last night, after a few search attempts, a reboot of Roon server seemed to sort it out on this occasion.

Still dead slow hours later and a reboot

@support is something going on today as Roon is becoming slower than ever at searching.

Just checked a few more searches & sure enough 10-15 seconds each search. :thinking:

Hi @CrystalGipsy/@PixelPopper,

Can you please provide some examples of terms you are searching for? Are these artists/tracks part of your current library? Does the same search behavior occur if you search for the artists again immediately afterwards?

Searching for artists in and not in my library had same results. I was just artist searching for the most , when I found it was slow I did some common ones such as the Beatles, the rolling stones pretty much anything has was slow with the Beatles being probably the slowest and I have a lot of their albums in my collection. When they did come up album population was also slow. It’s sped up a bit this evening but still way slower than it should be.

Hi @noris
I just did some random searches on artists both in my collection and not, just to check if there was any improvement.
I have just done a random search on “black sabbath” which again took 10-15 seconds to offer any results. I do have some of the material in my local collection.



Searching painfully slow again tonight, my last search for “ocean sleeper” took 2-3 minutes and didn’t find the band?

Prior to this search the core was rebooted along with a network restart.

I got home this evening it was really quick. Now it’s stuck for over a minute trying to find Let Eat Grandma, I have both their albums in my local collection.

Yep it seriously broken again!!!

Agreed, inconsistent as well, 3 more searches performed. First and third took over 30 seconds 2nd gave an instant result?

Ben broke it.

And he seems to have fixed it. Much better now.