Slow search, versions, and overview

(Cheung Hon Wah) #10

May affected by the number of services linked to ROON, I have both TIDAL and Qobuz, no local results until both TIDAL and Qobuz results obtained.

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(Noris) #13

Hello Everyone,

We are currently investigating some reports of slowness regarding search, versions and overview.
Thank you for letting us know, we’re looking into it.

– Noris

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(Nicholas) #14

Same here (DC, FWIW). Just coming here to post about it, since it’s been happening pretty much all day for me and so I figured it wasn’t an isolated issue.

(Stuart McFarlane) #15

It may just be coincidence but the slowness seemed to clear up once I rebooted my Nucleus server.

Edit: I take it back. Overall sluggishness improved but search is still glacial !!!

(Jason Carle) #16

Same thing here, a reboot did not solve the problem. Service apps are not slowing down individually, but in ROON they are significantly slower. Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6 here.


Search is unusable. Which basically makes Roon itself unusable.

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Thanks Noris, suffer the same issue here.

It is really a show stopper because search is all about Roon!!!


Same here since update searching has been very slow and transitions are glitchy along with freeze ups. I control my core with an IPhone 7+ throughout the house. Thought I’d chime in seems Im not the only one. @

(Kevin) #20

No issues for me here in central NY, USA. I’m logged into both Tidal and Qobuz. I get search results in a blink or two, whether I’m searching for something in my library or for an artist that I know is not in my library.


I have more than 1,000 albums in my local library, and subscriptions to both Qobuz and Tidal.
Slow search only only happens when both Qobuz, Tidal are active at the same time, this issue does not happen when I log out of Tidal,


The issue happens for me if either Tidal or Qobuz is active.

(Rob) #23

Add me to the list of those who’ve noticed a serious slowdown.

Roon Core on a MacMini, Tidal subscription, no Qobuz.

(Philo Melos) #24

Yesterday Roon crashed 2 times after clicking on the radiobutton at the radio-panel. It wouldn’t load any new music. Great update, the 1.6!


Any update @noris ?

(Noris) #26


@fritzg - The issue has been resolved from our end, can you please try rebooting your Core and let me know if that helps?

@PhiloMelos - We are aware of a few issues with Roon Radio that are being addressed in our next release.



Thanks, @noris. It is as fast as it should be, but I am getting the pink network error box on the Tidal page I was getting when it was so slow.

When did it get resolved on your end? Was an update posted somewhere?

(Noris) #28

Hello @Fritzg,

A stability fix was applied by the dev team late last night and we are still monitoring the situation.
If you experience any other issues with slowness please let us know.


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I can confirm that the slow search issue has been fixed, many thanks to the Roon dev/support for a quick turnaround.