Slow Search with TIDAL enabled

Same problem here. If Tidal service is enabled, search function does not function properly and is searching for hours (if not canceled) without any results. If Tidal is disabled, search function seems to work normal and find relevant albums, tracks etc.

Another serious issue that I have since the latest Roon update is that Roon is not detecting any new album/track that I put in the monitored folder (located on a Synology 1517+). Worked flawless before but is driving me mad since then. Neither a restart of Roon and Rock did solve the problem nor forcing rescans of the network drive. Oddly enough, also some tracks of albums (which were properly identfied and added to my Roon database before) appear temporarly “not available” (although they are still in the respective network folder).

Could you please advise whether it’s a recent software bug or whether I can do something about it

I’m running a Roon ROCK on an Intel NUC6i5syh. My very large library is stored on a Synology DS1517+ .

Tidal works fine. Tidal via Roon doesn’t work close to fine. Something is really wrong.

Search is exceptionally slow with the Tidal service enabled.

If I disable the Tidal service - search is instant. Re-enable Tidal - back to super slow (usually you have to exit the search and try again and again and wait and wait…).

Clearly something wrong with Tidal within Roon right now.

And yes, Tidal works fine with PC stand-alone app, IOS and even on Sonos and a Mirage Media server (all on the same network).

Hi All,

Thanks for your posts here, I have split them from the previous topic because I believe these issues to be unrelated to the previous thread.

As Mike mentioned here (Build 416 Search Performance Feedback), we are going to be dedicating some more dev resources in this area to further improve search performance and the information you have provided so far will be of great help in this aspect.

One of the more recent questions that could be useful here would be – does this issue occur most often at certain times of the day? For example, do you only see the slow searched in the morning/evening time or does it seem to happen regardless of the time of day?

As for the other issue that you are experiencing @Jan_S, can you please open a separate support thread?

– Noris

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