Slow searches have returned :(

@support. Noticed since last update that global searches have slowed significantly. It’s taking 5 to 30 seconds dependant on time of day worse when the US wakes up for any search to return results. This is significantly slowly than it has been 1.8 in general when the servers are not hanging has been very return results.

Can you check your servers as its been dreadfuly slow all this weekend.

Anyone else noticed this?


Not seeing it here (in NL). Searches take 1 second max, and usually less.

Its been a little sluggish here for a few days now. Not 5 seconds, but certainly longer than it used to take.

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Unfortunately very slow as mentioned here about 5 seconds - using the very latest version :frowning:
@support Are you currently working in that?

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Yes, same here. Frustrating

Same here in Canada

Same here :frowning:

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Same here.

search slowed down significantly. And albums loading very slowly

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Another that is finding searches taking significantly longer than normal as well

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Glad its not just me, searches are taking a long time. Infact one was indefinite, I reloaded the app and then it eventually worked so perhaps something else.

Seein same crap here. Anything that needs fetching from Roon’s cloud is performing poorly.

Slow search etc. here in Germany as well.

By the way the forum is a little slow, too.

They will not be going away until people stop complaining about Roon 1.8 :roll_eyes::grin:

Nothing different here at least in Sunny Florida USA…

Rapid here for me in the UK with Tidal connected. Most results come back in about a second.

Slow in London.

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It’s been very slow for me using Qobuz over the last few days, searches on most occasions taking between I would say 5-10 seconds each time.

Slow in Germany.

Just tried to go to an album from my queue that had looked up previously so I could share a link if it on another post, took 20secs to load it up. Servers playing up again I suspect.