Slow start after upgrading to 1.7

Hello Guys,

Al in all the 1.7 update (upgrade) is a succes by all standaards.
However, I have on my end two issues…
I have the core in a dedicated nunc… works great and I had no issues before the update.
Before 1.7 the time to start the nunc, and the remote in my IPad was about 30 seconds gave or take 5secs.
Now after the update it takes quite a bit longer. Yesterday evening it took me more than 5 minutes and also this morning it took me more than three minutes to start.
Nothing else had changed in my setup. Same iPad, same network and networksettings, onlangs the 1.7 update to the core and the new (updated) app on my iPad.

Second issue that I am having is the local radio. Living in Belgium, Roon selects the correct radiostations but I can’t get a stable stream. The stations drop out on a regular base. Sometimes after ten minutes, sometimes after two or three…

Kinds regards

Luc Brusselmans


What radio station(s) are you listening to?


Dag Dirk,

Radio 1, studio Brussel, Klara…

Kind regards

Ik kan Radio 1 zonder problemen afspelen in AAC 128kbps

Hi @Luc_Brusselmans,

Welcome to the forum. This sounds like it could be a networking issue, even though I realize you mentioned the only thing has changed is the 1.7 upgrade.

Can you please provide some more information regarding your network setup? What is the model/manufacturer of your router and any additional networking gear (switches/range extenders/powerline adapters/ect.)?

You mentioned your Core is a dedicated NUC? Is this running ROCK or some other type of operating system, such as Windows or other version of Linux?


I am using a router that has be en supplied by my operator ORANGE. The only thing I can find is a name “SIGILENCE”.
From my router, the signal passes through a Devolo DLAN 1200+ WIFI AC to my living room (about 15 meters).
On the receiving end is another Devolo DLAN (same type, bought at the same time). The firmware is nr 5.3.3 and has a date 23-09-2019.
From the receiving DLAN adapter the signal goes to a small networkswitch (TP-Link TL-SG105E)
The nunc has rock installed per the instructions on the website

kind regards

Hi @Luc_Brusselmans,

As mentioned in our Networking Best Practices guide, powerline adapters often cause issues in Roon.

I would like to temporarily remove this as a possible source of the issue. Can I please request that you disconnect these powerline adapters and plug your Core into the router directly?

If you have both the Core and the Roon Remotes connected to the router, do you still experience the same behavior?

Hello again,

I did as you asked and moved the core to a location next to the router and eliminated the adapter out of the path.
It did give me a slightly faster startup but hardly worth mentioning…
And, since all ports are in use, I will still need a switch between the core and the router if I want to move the core to its new location.

I admit through that startuptime has decreased to about 4 to 6 minutes.
Longer than before the update still but something I can live with.
If you should have any ideas, I will be glad to hear them.

Kind regards

Luc Brusselmans

Hi @Luc_Brusselmans,

Thanks for trying to change the network configuration. 4-6 minutes still seems quite excessive to me to start playback. Can you please check to see if your HDMI output zone on the NUC experiences the same issue? Even if you don’t have anything connected to it, it would be interesting to note if there is a delay before the seek bar starts to move.

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