Slow start of track, Synology + dCS Rossini [Resolved in Build 300]

Since 3 weeks my start up time for any track is extremely slow. It will takes a minimum of 15 seconds to start playing. Before it started almost immediately.
Set up:
Synology DS 1817 plus, with 1 TB SSD where the Core is running and 16GB cache and 5 x WD 8TB. dCS Rossini. All completely wired connected by tested AudioQuest Carbon ethernet cables and AudioQuest Diamond.
Since the problem occured there are some connection problems once and a while as well. Can’t connect tot the selected core, music completely stops or just shortly stops and starts again.
As mentioned completely tested Router Set Up and ethernet cable set up with 200+ Mbps.
Any help or support would be appreciated as I found out more people are facing exactly the same problems (even with other NAS brands).

This is related to an issue that popped up in the latest Roon build. It’s being addressed and a fix will be released soon.


Thx Andrew. I have experienced the same. I have also found the latest Roon build a bit unstable, it’s crashed on me a few times now.

Good to hear about this. I’d been thinking something else was to blame.
Also, hope dCS is getting closer rather than farther away from releasing firmware for the Network Bridge.

Do we know whether the slow playback start is isolated to dCS RoonReady products or is it a widespread issue? I have not found a thread on this forum about slow start or instabilities.

I just returned from a 3 week vacation and after updating to the latest version of Roon I am now getting this delay before music starts via my Rossini. The delay also occurs when I decide to skip a track. Hope that dCS fixes this soon.

I understand this will be fixed by Roon very soon. I experience the same and have taken to yelling at my iPad… :slight_smile:

Is this a Roon or dCS issue?

It’s a little of both. There’s a Roon update in the works now which will correct this issue.

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My understanding is that the issue was introduced by changes in the RAAT code to improve multi-room playback sync. The issue shows up in the dCS implementation of RAAT, possibly in others, possibly to a lesser extent.

In any case I was told that a Roon release coming up very soon will fix this.

Roon build 300 is rolling out now. This will correct the delayed playback start issue.

It seems to have helped. No significant delays now.

Still issues here with Upsampler
Now shuffling from a 96 track to a 44.1 track there is a delay and momentary loss of audio
Also 44.1 to DSD 128…Roon plays but there is no audio

So happy with this update!
It seems the problem of the delay in starting a track has been completely solved now. No drop outs either.
Could be wishfull thinking but it also sounds better. More body, more pleasure to listen.
Your experiences?

Nothing in this update should have had any impact on sound quality. Having said that, eliminating a point of frustration makes the whole listening experience more enjoyable :wink: