Slow TIDAL artwork loading (and not caching) on iPad


I have been using Roon linked to TIDAL streaming to Aries for a couple of weeks. I have noted that when I have to browse the new albums (but also the genre pics) of TIDAL on my iPad it takes forever. If I were to use directly the TIDAL app it would be quicker. It would also be quicker if I were to browse the new albums (per genre in TIDAL) using Auralic’s Lightning DS app. Is it common or I am using some wrong settings?

For info, I use the full Roon install (not server) on a headless Mac Mini.


Can you check the Memory for Photos/Artwork setting, I’d recommend maxing it out to 512MB.

An other factor (for items that are not presently in the local cache) is the Wifi speed to the iPad, what’s the signal like? It might be worth running a speed test.

How does Roon perform on your Mac Mini with a Monitor attached?
If you never use a monitor, you might wish to consider running RoonServer rather that Roon on it, but I doubt that would affect the perform of the iPad.

Hi there

the setting for photo/artwork is already at 512Mb. As for the wifi speed I am using a Netgear R8000 with a dedicated 5Ghz line for Roon/Aries. The speed download speeds I manage to have on the iPad are >200Mbps download and >100Mbps upload (in the evening). Higher during daytime.

I have tried Roonserver on my Mac Mini and the speed issues on my iPad were even worse. By the way my Mac Mini is a mid-2011 version running El Capitain with 16Gb Ram and 500Gb SSD. The library is stored on an external 1TB SSD. The only app that runs on the Mac Mini is Roon (most of other system settings - Bluetooth etc.) are disabled.

Any suggestions?