Slow to operate and skipping a lot [Solved]

I’ve read a couple other posts about this problem but I have done everything I can think of and it continues to skip on every song at least once or twice (and sometimes stop playing altogether), and in general the process is very slow when I hit “play”, unlike the way it usually is. I have the latest versions of everything, I have rebooted the NAS drive, Macbook Pro, router and everything and the problem persists. The only place it seems to perform better is when I play a song from Tidal. But most of my music is on the NAS drive (Synology 415+) Any thoughts? Thanks.

Tell us a little more:

  • What machine is running your core?
  • How big is your library? (albums/tracks)
  • Has Roon finished scanning / analysing your library?
  • What are your network connections? (wired/WiFi)

A 2014 MacBook Pro is running the Roon core (and it has no other duties).

The NAS library has about 3,000 albums and 36,000 tracks.

Yes, I have turned everything off several times and given Roon a chance to re-scan everything (in the past this has almost always resolved any performance problem).

My network connection is wired from the NAS drive to a wireless router (which provides the signal for the iPad controller) and then the router is wired to the MacBook Pro. So everything is wired with very high quality wires – the only thing that is wireless is the internet signal which the iPad picks up to act as the Roon remote.

Then the MacBook Pro is connected to the upsampler and DAC with a separate wire.

Do you have a backup hard drive of your collection to connect directly to the Roon core via USB. You could disable the NAS library in Roon and connect the USB library and compare performance. You may see some improvement with USB connection versus NAS.

Sorry, I have this music elsewhere but not at this location. No backup hard drive that I could try. The quality of this NAS drive should be considerably better.

What OS version on the MacBookPro? macos 10.11.5 has known SMB issues that caused similar behavior with me before I worked around it.

I have 10.11.5. Do you have a workaround or should I just try upgrading to 10.11.6?

See this post for how to fix it:

I tried updating the OS X to 10.11.6 and it seemed to be working at first, but now it is skipping again and everything is slow when selecting songs to play. Thank you for sending this “fix” but I do not know how to implement this link. Is there possibly another way to explain this, or can someone from Roon help with this? Thanks.

Let’s drop a flag for @support Kerry and see if they can get you fixed.

I had the same issues with a lower powered qnap nas. I upgraded to the recommended Intel i3 Config (qnap 471) and things work perfectly.

Thanks Andrew. Will someone from Roon see your post or do I need to do something to get this help?

Kerry, when someone drops in a username like so: @Kerry_Scanlon - then they are automatically notified by the Forum software. Andrew used the support username - so three people in support have been notified.

OK, thanks for the explanation.

Hi @Kerry_Scanlon ----- Sorry for the troubles here and slow response. I’d like to gather some logs from you to pass off to our developers for review and will be contacting you via PM shortly with instructions on how to do so.

In the meantime can you please confirm the following:

  1. What is the make and model of the router you are using in your setup?

  2. As a test, could you please move some of your musical content on to local storage and see if you experience the same skipping issue.


Thanks Eric. I will send you the exact make and model of the router when I get home from work. As far as moving music to a local storage, I think part of my Roon library incorporates some albums that are on a local hard drive and not the NAS, but I’m not sure how to access just those albums and would appreciate direction on that. Thank you.

He isn’t using the NAS to run the Core.

Hi Kerry,

In Album view, click Focus then Inspector. Near the bottom of the Inspector window you’ll see Storage locations. Select the local storage location and Roon will display your albums on that drive.

Cheers, Greg

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My mistake, I see that now

Thanks Greg, I will try that when I get home. For example, I have some Pono albums that got put on a local drive when I purchased them.