Slow to operate and skipping a lot [Solved]

Kerry, when someone drops in a username like so: @Kerry_Scanlon - then they are automatically notified by the Forum software. Andrew used the support username - so three people in support have been notified.

OK, thanks for the explanation.

Hi @Kerry_Scanlon ----- Sorry for the troubles here and slow response. I’d like to gather some logs from you to pass off to our developers for review and will be contacting you via PM shortly with instructions on how to do so.

In the meantime can you please confirm the following:

  1. What is the make and model of the router you are using in your setup?

  2. As a test, could you please move some of your musical content on to local storage and see if you experience the same skipping issue.


Thanks Eric. I will send you the exact make and model of the router when I get home from work. As far as moving music to a local storage, I think part of my Roon library incorporates some albums that are on a local hard drive and not the NAS, but I’m not sure how to access just those albums and would appreciate direction on that. Thank you.

He isn’t using the NAS to run the Core.

Hi Kerry,

In Album view, click Focus then Inspector. Near the bottom of the Inspector window you’ll see Storage locations. Select the local storage location and Roon will display your albums on that drive.

Cheers, Greg

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My mistake, I see that now

Thanks Greg, I will try that when I get home. For example, I have some Pono albums that got put on a local drive when I purchased them.

I still assert this is the 10.11.5 SMB issue, and that resolving that will fix the slow transfer rate.

I guess one easy way to check that would be to copy files from your NAS in the Finder mounted via SMB. if it’s super slow there, that’s your issue.

Thanks Eric and Greg,

The router make is Netgear and the model is the Nighthawk X4 (AC2350). It has Quad-stream x 4 architecture with 1.4 GHz and a dual core processor. It was said to be a very good router when I bought it 2 years ago.

Well, I’m glad Eric suggested playing albums not on the NAS drive. I did NOT experience the skips or slow operation after listening to over 10 songs on different albums that are saved on my MacBook Pro hard drive. No skips and the normal fast operation I always had before. When I went back to albums on the NAS drive (where most of the 3,000 albums are), there were at least 2-3 skips on each song and the operation was very slow.

BTW, I don’t think it skips when I play songs from Tidal’s streaming service either.

So does that mean there is something wrong either with the NAS drive (which is a Synology DS415+) or with the router which connects the NAS with the Roon core? I never had this skipping problem before and I’ve had Roon since it started, with the same NAS and router.

Thanks for Eric’s suggestions/questions and for Greg’s help with how to find the non-NAS albums to play. I hope there is a solution to this problem.


Mike, does the post I just made clarify what you thought it might be. I had already updated the OS X to .6 and the problem continued.

Sorry I wasn’t clear, .6 will have the same problem. Did you recently upgrade to .5?

Do large (30+ MB) file copies from your NAS to your local drive with the Finder (or vice versa) have issues?

Hi Eric,

I wanted to make sure you saw my response to your email.


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@kerry_Scanlon ---- I just checked my private messages and didn’t see a response from you. Just making sure you and I are on the same page lol this is in reference to log collection, correct?


I sent you a reply on this thread. I don’t know how to send you a PM. Can you please tell me?

Click on another user’s avatar and then “message” to send a Private Message (PM). Or you can Reply to a PM you receive.

I posted this thread a month and a half ago and wanted to thank everyone above who responded and helped me with suggestions, including even the most basic things like how to access help from the Roon team. Since the last post on September 9, I have been in almost daily contact with Roon through PMs with Eric and Mike. I also recruited help from the tech support teams at Synology, Apple, Netgear and dCS. The skipping or drop outs problem I had was extremely difficult to troubleshoot and I was very happy when we finally did find the cause of the problem.

Although letting you know what we tried and what it turned out to be (a bad Seagate 3TB drive in the NAS that has a 60% failure rate and is the subject of a class action lawsuit) may be interesting to some of you, a much more important lesson I would like to talk about is how close I came to giving up on Roon, only to be comforted in the end by the extreme level of customer support they provide, so long as you are patient at times, and willing to roll up your sleeves and work with them as a troubleshooting partner. In some ways, knowing that I am not alone if something goes wrong is the very best part of the Roon product and I am here to tell you that the customer service is fantastic!

I am a pretty dedicated audiophile and when I upgraded my dCS equipment a couple years ago to the Vivaldi, I thought the physical CD or SACD disc was on the way out and decided it was time to focus exclusively on computer audio as the source of my digital music. Because I loved the Roon interface, I was an early adapter. But the NAS/MBP connection was never that stable and I frequently would have to reboot one or more things to get the NAS content re-scanned/imported into the system or to fix some other problem. I’m talking about at least once a week for two years, I had to do something like this just to be able to listen to any of the 3,000 albums stored on the NAS.

This aggravation (which is simply unknown to most audiophiles because no other piece of equipment acts like this) turned to something much worse when the drop outs started and it turned out that no reasonable amount of effort was sufficient to fix the problem. I followed every single troubleshooting step that Roon suggested and nothing fixed the issue. I even learned how to enter computer code in an effort to address the drop out issue. It got to the point in my PMs with Roon that I quoted another Roon user who said he was spending most of his time fixing glitches and not listening to music. I got angry, very frustrated and thought seriously about abandoning the entire Roon set-up. Even though I sometimes had to wait a day or two for a Roon response, they never gave up on the process and so I didn’t give up on them. In fact, in an effort to help solve the problem Roon was working so hard to fix, on my own I contacted the makers of my computer, NAS, router and DAC to see if this could help in some way. That turned out to be the key.

Roon’s own considerable experience with troubleshooting drop outs had never suggested that NAS drives were a likely source of the problem. But I was able to get Synology to remotely access my NAS and after a week or so they were able to find signs that the drive in one of the bays had “bad sectors,” meaning it could be in the process of failing. That turned out to be the case and as soon as I replaced that drive, the playback on Roon was fine again.

When I think about the amount of effort Roon put in to one person’s system, it is truly stunning for a product in this low price range. Basically Mike and Eric told me they were going to see this through however long it took and they kept that promise. In fact, their customer support was nearly perfect if you think about what you would get for any other product remotely close to this price range. Folks, they have real passion about their work and about this product, and their goal is nothing short of finding solutions for every single user if needed. Bravo for that kind of service! Most people I know agree Roon has the best interface in computer audio, but I learned they also have the best service after you become a member. For anyone (like me) who is not that computer literate, this lesson should be very reassuring.

I am happily enjoying Roon again, and I recently eliminated the MBP entirely from the audio signal by utilizing the new Roon endpoint in my dCS Upsampler. Thanks again to all who helped out.



So pleased to hear you’re back to listening to music Kerry. Had not thought that a failing NAS drive could cause the symptoms you experienced; one to remember and possibly edit into the dropout troubleshooting page.

Thanks Andy, yes it’s nice to be able to listen again. I agree that bad drives should be emphasized as a possible cause of drop outs, particularly when accompanied by slower than usual playback when starting a new track. I don’t know about other NAS manufacturers, but Synology has a very responsive tech support team and they can remotely access the drives and see if they are going bad, which is how my problem was finally identified. If other brands do the same thing, checking for bad drives would be a fairly easy step to take.

We’ve had a lot of members with failing hard drives, but often, no one wants to admit their drive could be failing :frowning:

Glad things are good for you now…