Slowwwwww database

Running Rock on a NUC 10 and managing the data on a Windows 10 Dell XPS8930 i7 with 16gb. Internet is Comcast gigabit over ethernet to both devices. DNS server on ASUS router, XPS ethernet connection, and ROCK ethernet connection is Google

I have a large collection, with about 19,500 album entries, ranging from single tracks to multidisc sets. Because I have a lot of imported and independent jazz, a lot of classical music that I have re-tagged for uniformity, and lots of tunes released as singles rather than on LP’s, Roon has failed to identify or has misidentified more than 50% of my collection. Since I am paying for the privilege of having access to metadata and commentary, no matter how mundane, I’ve been working my way through my collection, manually reconfiguring lots of albums where possible, so that I at least can see the reviews for some of the music that is unidentified.

This is tedious work, at best, but it’s more and more tedious because it sometimes takes almost a minute for an unidentified album to load its links to possible matches. Beyond using Google DNS servers, is there anything I can do to speed up Roon’s database? The internet otherwise is fast as hell around here.

Cloudflare can sometimes be faster than Google, depending on location. Some other options here.

Otherwise nothing immediately apparent from your setup. Could be worth updating the firmware on the router. Also, see if restarting the NUC makes a difference.

How much RAM on the NUC ? 8GB or more should be fine, but 4GB could mean paging.

As an experiment to see how library size is affecting performance, if you have multiple drives try disabling one or more in Storage to see what happens. Best do a database backup first just in case.

Thanks, Andy. Will try Cloudfare. I was unfamiliar with it until recently but haven’t ever actually accessed it.

The NUC is an i7 with 16gb RAM. Router firmware is current.

I only have one storage location, a Synology NAS, linked as storage.

I will restart the NUC. I always am reluctant to do that, as my NUC 10 requires an ethernet dongle for network access and it sometimes isn’t recognized after a restart until I unplug and replug, but it’s worth experimenting here.

I appreciate your thoughts.

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I don’t understand this DNS tampering thats suggested by users and suppliers of audio equipment as well. Each and every ISP is responsible for providing the DNS service, there are no good reasons for using Googles DNS if your ISP actually provide the service they charge you for.

Or is this a regional problem?

Not all ISPs are equal in the quality of the products and services they provide… :slightly_smiling_face:

Switching to Cloudfare ( on all of router, NUC, and Dell this evening has made a HUGE difference in this task. I don’t know why, but I gladly accept these results.

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Cloudflare has been far faster than Google since lockdown started. I recently tested my ISP dns servers responses and Google was way down compared to my ISP and Cloudflare. My ISP often was quicker than Cloudflare but not consistently and my past experience with them they had outages way to often and had issues with Tidal streaming even before my Roon days.