Small bug - incorrect field size [Solved]

Hi guys.

In the Album Editor > Edit Fields > Release Date > Edit

…the YYYY box, despite showing four "Y"s, only actually allows you to input three characters. See selected text in the screenshot (and try not to laugh at my Alan Parsons fetish) :smile:



Update - I just checked the other YYYY fields on that page and they all have the same issue.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the report. I can enter 4 numbers in iOS on a Mini 3. What OS and hardware are you seeing this on ?

Windows 10 Home. Asus G751 laptop.

Thanks Mark,

Let’s set a notification for @mike and @vova.

Could other users who can replicate this please leave a post here with details of the relevant OS and hardware ? Let’s see if Windows 10 is a common factor.

Hello Mark, I can’t reproduce your issue, using W10 OS

What is your screen resolution? Do you run Roon in a full-screen mode?

How odd. Mine behaves the same (3 characters) whether in windowed or full screen mode. Resolution is 1920 x 1080.

Clearly something weird going on with this install as I’m seeing the 4 characters just fine on my Android tablet and my other (Windows 7) laptop. Sounds like perhaps a re-install is required.

Ok, just rebooted my Win10 laptop and now i have the full 4 characters. Bizarre! Sorry for wasting your time!

All good Mark. Be interesting to see if it happens for others. Thanks for the report.

Edit: I still listen to Tales of Mystery and Imagination …

Cheers Andrew, will do.

Fine taste there :smile: