Small DAC recommendation?

Hi Everyone - I have set up a Roon endpoint in a bedroom using a RPi4. Can anyone recommend a small, inexpensive DAC that would accept USB from the RPi and also optical from my TV? Ideally, the DAC would auto-switch between these two sources. TIA! Bob

Probably the cheapest while still good option is a Schiit Modi 3. It has both USB (for your RPi) and optical inputs. I don’t believe it will auto-switch, however. And only $100USD. Topping D30 is also in the same price range and has both USB and optical.

Thanks for the advice - most appreciated.

The Topping DACs are where I’d be looking. Small, neat, and well made.

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Topping D50S. Brilliant DAC - sounds superb. I had the chaps in from a company cashed Halcyon Audio to sort my Roon acoustics out yesterday and one of the directors who knows a fair bit about the digital domain happened to have one as well and rated it very highly. He happened to rate Roon very highly as well so the combination is known to work well.

Extremely well made and very small. Smaller than a CD case and has every feature you could want. The only weak point is the OLED display is prone to burning so just set it to switch the display off automatically after a few seconds. I never look at it anyway once the music is playing.

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Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!!