Small Font using the Roon app on iPhone 11 Pro Max

I have been using the Roon app on my iPad Air (3rd Gen) and Android phone, which has been great.

I have just purchased an iPhone 11 Pro Max and the Roon app’s font is so small! It makes using the Roon app an uncomfortable experience. I have tried enlarging the phone’s font, but this has no effect on the Roon app. Being an app, it can’t be stretched either.

There is a post on this issue, with a few comments, but it appears to be unresolved.

Now that I have my new iPhone, I was thinking of selling the iPad? Perhaps I shouldn’t…:thinking:
Is there anyway I can fix the font issue?


The tablet UI is like the desktop and has all options. The phone UI does not have all options available. So, I like to keep one tablet around to do tasks which the phone cannot. Otherwise you’d have to go to the desktop to do those tasks.

Thanks for that info, I wasn’t aware of that. I assumed that all iOS devices would be the same display.

I think perhaps that I’ll hang on to my iPad Air, although the £300+ would have come in handy!:grinning:

Thanks :+1:

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