Small GUI suggestions and tweaks

I haven’t used Roon for a long time, but I will because it’s an awesome piece of software. However, I have some small suggestions for GUI improvements:

  • Quick play icon in tune list (pressing tune and then play is unnecessary complicated).
  • Improved volume control, either visible slider or maybe mouse wheel when hover over volume
  • Some audio visualization (like cool screensaver stuff), since you can’t have third party software for this when running DAC exclusively, and its nice to rest your eyes on when enjoying music.
  • Make the repeat and shuffle buttons usable from main bottom GUI page (now they are information only).
  • Option for auto-sorting playlist (for example, I like all my lists sorted on artists).
  • Global hotkeys, especially for prev, next, pause and volume control (like Toastify for Spotify).
  • Quick prev, next, pause/play popup when hovering over Roon on taskbar.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


No one liked my suggestions? I feel they are very much needed, but then as a developer myself I can be a little pedantic about things like this…

I need global hotkeys. Bad. Maybe even some AppleScript hooks so I can do it myself.


Coming from the positively ancient Foobar2000 I was pretty surprised to see the lack of global hotkeys or at least the ability to customize them.

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Er, what’s the difference between “Global hotkeys”, and Roon’s “Keyboard shortcuts”?

Global hotkeys would work even when the Roon app is not in focus, for example if your sitting and writing a post on Roon forums and want to switch to next tune without going to Roon app and press next. This becomes especially useful when you have programs that you work with that covers the whole screen.

Yeuch. Sorry, for me, when an app’s not in focus it’s not in focus. The only global hotkeys I want are at the OS level, thank you very much.


+1 for the visualisation stuff.

I use Roon connected to a TV (Roon in theatre mode). Would be great for it to automatically cycle through album artwork, artist photos, album inlay etc

It should of course be an option, but when using Spotify with Toastify it was very convenient to press SHIFT + Alt + right arrow to go to next tune, when for example sitting and surfing or working, without having to maximize Spotify and press the next-tune icon with the mouse.

This becomes even more important when using full screen DirectX applications (like games), where it can be a little time consuming to get back to the windows display.

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I listen to music while I work - I need to be able to quickly pause the music when someone interrupts me, without having to first dig out the Roon window and then mashing a button.

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Fair enough, but I can click on the Roon icon on the Windows Taskbar, and hit the spacebar to stop music playing in a fraction of a second when needed. That’s fast enough for me.

What system do you have?

On my MacBook Pro, the media keys are mapped to Roon when it is playing in the background – I believe it is this way with (some?) Windows systems as well.

If your Windows keyboard has dedicated media keys, then this works with Roon running in the background on Windows as well…

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The great thing about Foobar2000 is the ability to configure the keyboard shortcuts instead of having them dictated by the app. This allowed me to use scroll lock as global play/pause button since my keyboard doesn’t have dedicated media keys. I was just surprised that Roon didn’t offer the ability to set these shortcuts so now I’m using a 3rd party utility (basically a nicely wrapped reg hack) to tell Windows that my scroll lock key is actually a play/pause key.

I love the play-icon in the latest build, so much easier and more intuitive to play now when you just want to play a tune from a list.

On my Mac, I use the play/pause media key globally to control roon.

  • Quick prev, next, pause/play popup when hovering over Roon on taskbar.

This is greatly needed, it really triggers me that this does not exist. I get really frustrated at Roon because I can’t hover over the icon to do anything, I have to open the window… clunky.

Is this on the roadmap?

Raise it in Feature Requests

It is at the top now :wink: because of this comment :slight_smile:

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Hi all, any news on this suggestion?