Small issues in regards to Roon playback

Hi everyone, Im after some suggestions on how to improve the listening quality/iron out a few bugs, so I’ll list below my current setup, and then Id love to hear if theres any improvements yall would suggest, whether it be to hardware, or software settings etc. Anything really!

So im currently running…

Roon Server on Macbook Air 2014 plugged into Ethernet. (does very little apart from running roon, surfing the web and watching movies).

Sending over wifi to Samsung S20FE as the endpoint which is plugged via OTG usb-c to usb B dongle into…

Behringer UMC404HD Audio Interface (using as DAC as I already had on hand), which is going via RCA into a

Rotel RA- 820BX2 Stereo Amp which is powering…

A pair of Acoustic Research AR18s.

I currently have around 6500 songs in my library.

I havent messed arpund with any audio settings inside Roon yet save for setting up my devices.

So just wondering if yall have any suggestions on basic improvements I can make? The only 2 problems I have are as follows…

  1. When streaming music, it works fine while the screen isbon, then stops as soon as the screen times out for some reason.

  2. When plugging headphones into the Behringer AI i get sound through the headphones AND the speakers at the same time.

Any ideas on a fix for these issues?? Thanks!

Go to System Preference > Battery > Power Adaptor and check “Prevent your Mac from automatically sleeping when the display is off”.

How is this device connected to your core? What are the device settings in Roon? Please share screenshots of Settings > Audio, and Device Settings.

  1. Okay awesome I will try that Mac setting. Thanks! Although it does seem to be .ore linked to when my phone screen turns off, as Im using my phone as an endpoint by wirlessly sending from my Mac to my phone, which is then plugged into the Behringer DAC. And it consistently stops when the phone screen times out. Ill habe a look, perhaps theres a similar setting in the phone screen display!

  2. Ive attached photos below…not sure if this is what your after?? But i can send more if you point me in the right direction :slightly_smiling_face:. The setup currently is that the phone is plugged into headphone jack of the behringer. The behringer is then plugged into the amplifier via RCA on the tape loop. Noise comes through both the headphones and the speakers no matter if im plugged into the behringer headphone jack or the amplifoer headphone jack. The only work around i found is to use the behringer headphone jack and turn the amp off completely. But i want to be able to ise the amplifier jack to test whichbis better. Also, the mix nob on the behringer works, but even turned fully toward the headphones side, it still bleeds loudly through to the speakers too.

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